Roon interference with Sooloos

Here’s my problem: when listening to music through my Sooloos system and at the same time closing Roon on my MacBook, the song stops playing and next track begins. Is this normal behavior or is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?
All help is appreciated.


@BergeP I would run either Sooloos or Roon but not both at the same time as it can give issues such as you are seeing.


I’ve been running both in parallel for two years without ever seeing this phenomenon, nor indeed having any other trouble. I don’t think it should be happening.

@brian may have some input on this.

When you say Sooloos system…what do you mean ? Full system with Sooloos core or just meridian / Sooloos end points ?

I have a C15 with TwinStore and DSP6000.
( less is more) :slight_smile:

So when you are using Roon what zone are you using ? Is the C15 available as a zone.

I’m using Roon in my computer stereo system. In settings I can see the C15, as located on my network, but it’s not enabled.

So, Roon is on your computer.

How is this output getting to your DSP6000 ?

Are you linking directly via spdif into D1 or D2 of the DSP6000 ?

There is no output to the DSP. I have separated speaker systems. When I play music on my C15 and Roon is open and not playing on my computer, everything is cool. When I shut down Roon the running track on C15 stops and next track starts playing. The only way my computer and my Sooloos / Meridian system connects is through my Time Capsule. Computer on wifi and Sooloos wired.

OK…that’s clear. Both @Carl and I had assume some combination of system here.

I can only imagine that some control packet of some description is broadcast somehow when you close Roon. A bit weird I think.

Let’s drop a flag for @Brian and @support, but, bear in mind that they are buried in 1.3 development just now.

Thx for all the support Nick

Roon doesn’t broadcast packets on exit. My best guess: the firmware on the endpoints is crashing when the connection from Roon is closed.

Try making this happen while you’re looking at the C15. If the zone briefly disappears from the screen at the time of the failure, that is almost certainly what’s going on.

Some of interaction bugs with Roon, including one that sounds a lot like this, were fixed on their end last year. Are the endpoints updated to Meridian’s latest firmware?

Hello Brian!
I’m a junky when it comes to software updates so all my systems are on the latest software. Right now my son has his piano lesson so I have to wait to do the testing. As soon as I have tested I report back.

I just did the test, the zone stands rock solid, and it’s skipping to the next track.:confused:

The OP isn’t sharing a zone here though which is what i think M fixed last year. His Roon doesn’t touch the sooloos system.

Can you check and disable the C15 if it does show up in the Roon audio zones ?

Failing any other ideas maybe just never switch Roon off :grinning: