Roon intermittent dropouts

Nope, did not work. No solution in restarting Roon server to solve intermittent dropouts…
Now rebooted the core (NUC/ROCK), see what it does. Going crazy here to determine what causes Roon to drop out. Followed all advices, settings, rebootings, and other things available on this community. Next step is I will be commenting in a mental institution…

I’ve spent some time in that mental institution so I feel your pain.
I haven’t seen another post from you so I’m not sure what your setup is or what error message you’re getting if any.
I’m not using Rock but I used to get frequent dropouts often with the File loading slowly message.
They were caused by two things: My endpoint was on wifi and my connection wasn’t robust enough.
I was using DSP settings that were too much for my processor.

Dear Jeff,
Hope you are ok now. I worked in a mental institution and it was merely an exaggeration of how I feel about Roon. Today was my 4th day of non intermittent Roon. But then my Asus Zenwifi pro xt12 needed a software update. After that it was dropouts of Roon all the time. First I restarted Roonserver. But after that I rebooted the core (NUC8i5BEH) and now it is playing quite well for the past hour. Hopefully it stays that way. But if it does, that will be the solution (and maybe something for support to look at): after losing connection Roon does not reconnect in a decent way. Shouldn’t be necessary to reboot the whole system. Counting from now on to hopfully a non-intermittent week of Roon.


My apologies, I thought you were making a joke and I was playing along.
It seems your issue with Roon is unrelated to mine.

It was a joke, about the mental institution. Roon is not that important :wink:

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Ok, at least I am not alone. Ever since the update I am having constant playback drops or playback just stops and doesn’t start back up. Nothing in my network has changed, everything wired, everything industrial strength. I love the software updates, but that’s a high price to pay since by the end of the day, it’s all about the music and not fancy new features. When that part doesn’t work right… I find myself just playing Tidal natively on my Hifi Rose streamer. Roon, please fix these drop-outs!

The best way forward would be for you to open a Support request in the #support category and describe your setup in detail. The Support team can pull logs from your system in order to help diagnose what is going wrong for you.

Thank you - will do!

Today my whole network will be wired. If it does not improve, I will once again contact support. Thanks!
14-10-2022: No dropouts anymore since wired…

I have the same issues. Running on a nuc with windows 11. No problems before.

Last version of 1.8 and 2.0, we have problems with the connection from roon remote on our phones.

The roon.exe also use a lot of cpu in idle time.

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