Roon Intermittently Cutting Out

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I am using an Antipodes EX music server. I am running the following:
Roon Server Version: 1.7 (build 610) stable
Roon Server Database Size: 1015M
Roon Server Cache Size: 93M

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

I am on Ethernet and am running an Asus RT-AC68U that is fed by a cable modem (I have no detail on the cable modem)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

My Antipodes EX connects to a Bryston BDA-3 DAC via USB, which then connects to an Anthem AVM 50v.

Description Of Issue

I used this same system to play music 6 to 8 hours per day for about six months straddling Christmas 2019 with no issues. Prior to that, Roon would stop working a good percentage of the time when the microwave was running (couldn’t find server, once microwave stopped, Roon found server and either music would just continue or I would have to press play). I then put in an Audioquest Niagara 1200 which stopped the issue with the microwave.

I then didn’t listen to music for about 2 months or so and when I started again, music randomly stopped playing mid song and either stopped completely, skipped further along in the same song or moved to a subsequent song, and the microwave started to cause problems again. The intermittent song interruption I describe is happening when the microwave is NOT running. At that time, I do get a brief error message saying something like the music is loading slowly - a message I have never had before.

If you need anything further, please let me know - this is driving me CRAZY.

Have you rebooted everything including all of the network equipment?

Several times.

Hi @Arthur_Potts,

What kind of Roon Remotes are you using to control your Antipodes Server?

Did this behavior occur just on one zone?
For both local and streaming content or just one type and not the other?

I’m not quite sure what the microwave has to do with anything here, are your Ethernet wires directly underneath the microwave? Or are you saying that the microwave draws so much power that your gear starts to fail?

Antipodes is one of Roon’s partners. I am using an iPad and am using the latest app. The music stopped in all zones for both local and streaming content, but I am usually (90% of the time) playing local content (stored on the server). Electrical devices can send out interference through wiring, which in this case caused the music to pause, until I got the power conditioner, but it started re-occurring around the same time as I was getting this new error message I described in my original post. The microwave interference has nothing to do with power draw and the equipment/ethernet cables are no where near the microwave.

sounds to me like you have an electrical issue that perhaps the microwave makes even more disruptive.

could be some lose connections somewhere in power board or wall outlet that is causing some noise but the microwave is maybe kicking this up a notch.

Is this an old house?

Microwave sounds like wi fi interference, microwave use 2.4 ghz as does wi fi

Your control app will use wi fi even though you are Ethernet connected . You could still pick up stray “signals”

I suffer from the 6 pm blues, everybody back home from work , more WiFi activity, microwave in use. I find it even interferes with Bluetooth, also 2.4 ghz

I use a WiFi repeater in the kitchen which fixes things mostly , but not everything

Google what interferes with 2.4 g WiFi , it’s scary.

You could try 5 g band , it’s attenuated more but there are more bands and probably less things on it

Our lockdown and working from home has improved things :roll_eyes:

The microwave is an isolated situation, not in anyway connected to the error message I have been getting or the same type of dropout I discuss. Is it an issue, yes, do I need to solve it, yes (we solved it before, for years) and I only raised it because it is also an issue. The REAL issue I want to solve is Roon’s error message saying that music is loading too slowly (or words to that effect) then either no longer playing music, or more prevalently, skipping to a later point in the same song or to a subsequent song.

Hi @Arthur_Potts,

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date + track you experience this issue next with? I would like to enable some logging for your account to see if we can gather more clues, thanks!

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