Roon iOS Remote login fails

Core Machine
Core - Fidelizer Nimitra S server
Windows 10 64 bit 8Gb RAM Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz CPU
Current Roon build
Network Details
Assus DOCIS 3.1 modem
Netgear Nighthawk router
Aqvox SE Switch
Modwright/OPPO Sonica DAC
Audio Devices
USB/Ethernet connections

Description Of Issue
Roon Remote iOS (iPad and iPhone) logon issue:
(1) Very slow login if at all.
(2) Requires multiple attempts.
(3) Delete/Reinstall iOS app is immediately logged in
(4) Issue is worse after Core reboot. Almost always requires Remote Delete/Reinstall
(4) Does not happen with PC remote

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

To clarify - by “login” do you need to put in your Roon username/password each time you are starting the Roon Remote app and trying to connect to your Nimitra? How are your iOS devices connected here, are they connected via WiFi to the router?

Hi Noris. Sorry for delayey response. Fidelizer guy cleared cache and some old files. Seems better now.

By hanging I mean that remote screen goes from Roon login logo to “Remote Connection - Waiting for Roon Core” and back in infinite loop.

Delete/Reinstall asked me to select Nimitra core and logs me in without credentials.

However, am now able to log into iOS remotes quickly now with changes. Thanks again

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Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Glad to hear you were able to clear the cache with the Nimitra support staff’s help and the issue is resolved!

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