Roon iPad App can’t find my Roon core

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EVO432 streamer/ripper

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I’ve swapped out CAT 6 cable. It’s flashing on the back of the server.
Server is powered up but my iPad can’t find it.
Any suggestions?

I’d reboot. If the cable was out a while the interface could set itself down.
I could show you how to check and bring it up, but a reboot is faster.
Did it assign a new IP address to your device?
Either are possible.

Did Roon Server ever work for you on that machine? How long do you already own that machine / is it’s firmware current (less than a year old)?
If not, you may have to contact the manufacturer and ask for support/newer firmware to make that machine compatible (again) with the current Roon Server software.

For reference:


Can you complete the information that was requested in the opening support topic, as this is required to be able to give you the best advice.

A couple of questions:

What version and build number of Roon Core is the EVO432 running?
What version and build of Roon App is the iPad running?

Note, they have to be both either Roon 1.8 or Roon 2.0, if there is a mismatch they will not communicate with each other.

Some troubleshoot steps for you …

  • Power off your router and the EVO432 and wait 30 seconds or so, then …
  • Power up the router first, then …
  • Once the iPad can reconnect to the internet via WiFi, power up the EVO
  • Wait for the EVO to boot and then start the Roon App on the iPad to see if it will now connect.

Hi @Jeff_Mazen,

As @Martin_Webster mentioned, if you’re still having issues, please complete the template. We’ll be notified if you reply.

As of right now, I show the core to be online so knowing the networking specifics of your setup will help us determine what should be next if the issues are still persisting!


I finally got it to connect today. I followed everything that was written here and swapped the cat 6 out 4 times. Today it connected. Thank you all for the input.


I’m glad to hear! Enjoy the music!


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