Roon iPad remote appreciation thread

After raising a lot of fuss about the delays in the release of the iOS remote, I feel it is time for us to give credit where it is due. So without further ado, I wish to say a big thank you to the great guys at Roon Labs for this gorgeous remote!


I have already posted about the delight I am experiencing as I employ the roon remote app (“rRA”). I am experiencing features I read about and then forgot. But discovered them first by accident. For example, I set the Zone for playback to DAP for Dirac Live. But forgot to set the Zone on the rRA to the same Zone. After selecting a track from Woodstock DL 192/24 AIFF, I clicked play and was listening to Lee Ritenour. Huh? Oh! Forgot to change the Zone to DAP on the rRA, which means I can select one album track for one location, roon Core, and a second for the other location, roon Remote Client. Or am I making this up?

Given the rRA’s display, isn’t just like the application which is already marvelous, no wonder the decision was reached to employ iPads and iPad Minis most recent. I have never enjoyed a remote app as this. The UI/UX/EM (enjoyment of music) is enhanced by the rRA’s full features as far as I can tell. It’s still very new to me, but I am exploring what I can and can’t do with the rRA. And so far “can’t” isn’t applicable (smile).

Danny, Brian, Mike et al, deeply grateful for the excellent remote you’ve provided to us. There’s nothing remotely (pun intended) like it in my experience. Merci beaucoup!

I must second this. Only installed for an hour so first impressions only. Very smooth, intuitive experience. Off to work for the day. These 10 hours will be long.

Excellent news!
Will download when I get home tonight.

My thanks,many times to the roon team.

Thanks a lot to all involved. Will do a comparison with the Android version tonight.

Great work by the Roon Labs Team! Impressive on my IPad Mini 2.

Time to formally switch off Sooloos, methinks.

Great job, guys.

Cheers to Roon on the iPad app. Nicely done, very nicely done.

Yes, it works beautifully on my iPad Air 2, so many congratualtions to the team. The remote app and the 1.1 update have fully justified my decision to go for a lifetime licence.

tried it last night and was very impressed - snappy and stable ! Big smile on my face - congratulations!

Very zippy on Air 2. Almost seems faster than on my MacBook Pro retina used as a remote. Using the option to display more album icons works great on this smaller screen. So far no issues. Plus today I found some formerly new albums that had been missing in Tidal.

Will ipad remote play on a client computer or only on the core??

It seemed like a long wait, but the final product is fantastic! Loading 1.1 last week and the iPad app last night could not have been easier. The iOS app looks just like the screen on the MacBook Pro but the convenience difference is huge! In my dedicated listening room the MacBook Pro is hooked up via cables to both a wireless router and a digital upsampler, all of which are in equipment racks on the side of the room. For me the difference with this app is like the difference between using a remote control vs. having to get up every time you want to change channels on the TV – anybody remember doing that? The other huge advantage is now, for the first time, I can enjoy listening to music at the same time I am (1) reviewing all of the information this software (including Tidal) makes available about the music and the artists, or (2) scrolling through my collection to see what I may want to listen to next. All without moving from the listening position. Simply awesome.

I first heard about Roon at the High End show in Munich in May and wish to thank Danny, Mike, Brian and the entire Roon team for this app. For me it is as important as the software itself and together these products will completely change the way I listen to digital music, which is to say how I listen to a lot of music, given the advances in digital reproduction. Congratulations on this breakthrough technology!


It works perfectly and a good workaround for my automated headless “Intel 4000 whitepage” installation while waiting for the NUC Skylake :+1:

I’m loving the remote app on my iPad Air. I’m going to install it on my iPad Mini next. I’m still on the trial but it looks like I’ll be subscribing very soon.

Excellent job Roon team.

Really well executed app and it’s clear that this was designed from day one to provide a best-in-class experience on both the desktop and the tablet. Very, very hard to do well and Roon has pulled this off better than any app I’ve ever seen.

Fantastic app. I’m using IOS 9 (beta) and it runs very smooth. Great work!

@Cantodea, glad to hear it works well on iOS 9, love the app, it has made Roon even more enjoyable to use as I no longer find myself having to go back to the PC to select music.



Looks very good, quick as well. using an ipad air
so far i’m impressed

I loaded the Roon App on an iPad Air2 within minutes of it being released on the App Store.
Very slick, very quick responses, just works beautifully…a big thank you to all the guys/girls at Roon…fantastic job…now if the tidal album and syncing issues get sorted, I might even sign up to the lifetime subscription…