Roon is crashing on startup


I have a very similar issue Roon will not launch on my second PC in the living room. I get the same issue as JP, can I send you logs to analyse?

Have Roon up and running on my master PC very impressed and pleased but wanting to run as a remote to the living room.

Any advice or support very much appreciated.

Hi @ian_rothers – did you try the workaround that Kevin mentioned above:

Does that help? Do you multiple ethernet adapters?

Also, to be clear, is this what you’re seeing?:

Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before we take a deeper look. Let me know and we’ll go from there. Thanks!


Thanks for getting back so soon!

Yes I’m using powerlines (Netgear) I’m sorry not sure understand the workaround. Do you mean turn the adapters off? But then I won’t have a network connection to the PC? Is this correct, trying launching the app with no internet connection?

Yes I click on the Roon icon, grey window appears with Roon and quote - no white box - then windows message stating Roon has stopped working. I’ve allowed access in windows firewall.

Sorry hope this helps.

Hi again

Took out the ethernet cable and now Roon launches.

Can I now connect the ethernet cable and continue this way?


Strange behaviour, unplugged ethernet cable first time and Roon launched. Went through set up as a remote, connected ethernet again, found library and played music, all good.

However, closed the app, disconnected the ethernet cable again, went to launch, now back to the same issue even without network connection.

Hmmm - any suggestions?

Hi @ian_rothers – these issues sound similar but not exactly the same as OP, so I think we’ll need some more information from you.

@vova or I will be in touch to get some logs off your install, then we can take a look and get a better sense of what’s happening here.

Appreciate your patience!

For anyone looking at this thread in the future, @ian_rothers updated his NVIDIA ION drivers and the problem got resolved.

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