ROON is having a heart attack!

My ROON library was happily playing from the day i got it and I have had no issues what so ever, until today.

I opened it, pressed play on an album I added to the library last night, and it would not play, it just jumped from track 1 to track 2 etc and no sound, no playback.

Then the album next to it in the overview simply vanished off the screen, and ROON started adding music to my library as if scanning the folder where my music is stored for the very first time. It continued to do this, and would then drop all it had indexed and start again. It did this several times and eventually I had NOTHING in my library according to ROON. All through this I checked the settings to confirm that my music folder was the correct one for ROON to scan, which it was.

I then totally rebooted my Mac, opened ROON and as far as it was concerned I had ZERO music in my library. After the reboot it started adding my music back to my library again and as I type is up to 500 albums, but I am concerned WHY it did this, and if I have lost EVERY alteration I made previously such as better covers etc.

Any one else experiencing this issue?

ROON has now finished and SUCCEEDED in re-importing my library and all content appears to be there. It retained my FAVOURITE tracks so I do not need to redo all of that! It also retained my playlist but NOT the contents of the playlist.

Hi Steve, I’ll leave a flag for @Mike to pick this one up with you … he may want to get a copy of Roon’s logfiles from you.

Similar problem here. Did you click “Force Rescan”? or did you just restart Roon? For me, the former action always removes all the library and rescan back the entire tracks. For my 40k+ tracks this process takes several hours. This problem has been going on since Build 70 (it was fine up to Build 69), and still persists. See my other post on other bizarre problems.

I had a similar problem a few week ago.

Lost all my albums, then Roon re-added them but lost all Playlists and Tag Edits.

Despite sending Logs to Roon they were not able to retrieve the lost data so now having to go through my entire library to re-Tag all my Albums and Tracks.

Hoping this doesn’t happen again but since reading this Topic it seems there’s a distinct possibility that it might!

No not at all, I simply opened ROON for the first time that day and all hell broke loose. What was strange was A) that it did this with no provocation from me and B) that it seemed to fail and restart scanning several times over and over until it determined I had no music and left me with an empty library.

Yes that is my fear as well, given ROON’s power you tend to spend a lot of time editing to get things right, losing it all is a nightmare I do not need so hopefully they can get to the bottom of this one quickly.

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OK thanks.

This happened to me a few months back. This is why I remember to make a backup copy of the “RoonServer” folder in my library every couple weeks, just in case this happens again at least I won’t loose my own edits (I’ve never had to use it, but nice to have…knock on wood).

OK ROON is going strange again…I have been playing ALL day, switching from one album to the next, just switched to one and although it says it is playing, as indicated by the level meters to the left of the track, the bottom sound wave is not moving at all and no sound coming out.

If i go to a different album same thing…a quit and relaunch seems to have fixed it again. What is suddenly making ROON behave so strangely?

Can you provide some system and network details ?

Sure, I am using a 27" iMac Retina with 24GB RAM, very latest El Capitan OS. Music sits on a USB 3 Hard Drive. Audio interface is Universal Audio Apollo via Thunderbolt, and SPDIF out of the Apollo into a Grace Design m905 DAC/Pre. iMac uses an ethernet connection to Router.

GRRR!!! Bloody hell ROON is crapping itself again, once again says I have no music at all!

Hi Steve,

Let’s move this into Support and ask @mike and @vova to investigate.

PLEASE DO - This is getting frustrating!

Hey @Steve_Lees – sorry for the delay here. I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Stand by!

OK Mike, standing by…