Roon is leaving tracks out of my albums

I downloaded Roon yesterday, and I’m running on Mac OS 10.10.5

Quite a few albums have tracks that are left out and in an “unidentified” album together. When I try and get them back into the proper album it does not work. Editing the Metadata does not work. Please help, this is a major buzz kill. I’m importing my cds in AIFF onto a NAS using XLD. Should I use iTunes?

A screenshot would be helpful, so we can see what you do. However, it seems that you can merge the relevant tracks by selecting the “albums” and choosing Edit from the three dots in the bar across the screen. Then press Merge.

Also, it’s a good idea to stop Roon Server (core) when importing many albums over a network.

Thanks Martin,

I think it was that I was running Roon while importing.

This happens when different tracks are by different artists, which I think can be fixed by using the “album artist” tag instead of (or in addition to) “artist”. As @Martin_Webster says, alblums can be merged which fixes it too. See