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Hi I have ripped a CD which has two movies/albums(Niram and Prempoojari). Please see the mp3tag info

When I add this to roon, it combined these two albums.Showing under album name “Niram” and album artists are separated by “/”

Is there any way to see these albums separated with the correct album artist?

However roon shows the albums correctly for another cd rip.

No clue what the difference is here :frowning:

I think you can click the three dots beside the album, then click edit. IIRC, there is a way to split the album.

I have 1000s of cd rips like this. Fixing each is impossible. Im trying to understand why roon is combining some and not combining the rest? What is the difference?

From tagging perspective there is no difference

I don’t know if Roon can handle multi-album discs (as opposed to multi-disc albums), but in any case the track numbers in the screenshots you provided seem inconsistent with the division into albums, track numbers should be sequential, starting at 1, within each album.

I can’t see enough of the folder structure from the MP3Tag shots .

Roon tends to react best to “a folder per album” basis with each track having the same Album Name. While I appreciate the numbers involved maybe try just a sample to see if it fixes the issue.

Create a folder per album
Renumber the Tracks 1 … xx
Add The artwork to that folder

Then Import and see what happens

Also Roon is using 2 db that we know about , Rovi/AllMusic and MusicBrainz . It may help to check in advance if your album is in either of these db. You can search AllMusic or MusicBrainz

I ma not a devotee of the musical style here but often more rare genres are not covered too well and even if Roon bulks the albums properly they may not exist to be ID’ed

EDIT . Brahmadathan doesn’t show in either db

Hi Mike
Both the CD rips I posted above are exactly structured alike. See below
Brahmadathan, Samooham, Kulapathi, Journalist

Niram,Prem Poojari

For Brahmadathan, Samooham, Kulapathi, Journalist Roon splitted the songs in the folder/CD according to Movie Name/Album Name

For Niram,Prem Poojari Roon combined all the songs into “Niram”

Thius is what I don not understand :frowning:

Note - These movies are in Indian regional language rarely found out meta data providers

This is not the case with CD rip " Brahmadathan, Samooham, Kulapathi, Journalist
Initially The track numbers releflect the track number as on CD but Roon treated them as separate albums (when I created this thread)

Now when I removed and added Roon combined it

This is perplexing

I was playing with import settings. This is set up as below

If you’re using MP3Tag for the rip, then submit the disk IDs to Musicbrainz directly from the app, so Roon and others can benefit from your work.

Can you post the actual file structure on the HDD , this may give us a hint

Also you suggest these are movies , not albums ? Roon ,may struggle with movies as they are not supported unless they are soundtrack audio albums ?

@Mike_O_Neill Please see below


Try the experiment I suggested on one mixed album , create a Folder for each Album then move the tracks into the appropriate folder.

The best way is to CUT the original to a non watched folder, Then do Settings > Library>Library Maintenance and clear the files

This will force a Re-Import when you drop the folders back

@Mike_O_Neill, That gave the desired results. But this is not practical :frowning:

This proves the point though , I don’t think Roon can do any better . This format is what its expecting

If we put all songs in the same folder, how Roon decides which Album name to choose?

Thats the problem it uses the folder name and grouping ,. hence your method fails

@Mike_O_Neill The tag clearly defines the album.
Is there any other setting in Roon that can pick this and show them separately

Not that I know of, maybe search the knowledge base see what metadata is used.

The way you are combining albums into a “pseudo” albums is not really normal.Roon is fundamentally album based

Hi @Fernando_Pereira , @Mike_O_Neill
Like Fernando suggested. I fixed the track numbers.
So the songs remain in the same folder, but the track numbers and file names are updated to match the sequence in the album. That did the trick. Please see below.

Is there a way I can rename/retag 1000s of songs with minimal time is my next question.
I really wish roon had this capability of looking only at id3 tags to sort library :frowning:

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MP3tag can be set to follow naming rules and move files.

Any pointers on how to do that? @ged_hickman1