Roon is not work after software reboot

Hi Folks, today was the 2nd day of the roon tool in a row applying a software update. this time i cannot connect to the appliance. The app asked me for my user name and password, which it never has done before and i provided that and it sat there for 10 minutes. I physically looked at the appliance and It appears to be running. but i cant ping the box been that way for a while now.

You better provide more specific details of what “appliance” you are using. Have you rebooted it?

Check out this thread…it seems teh roon main server has a validation issue Can no longer access Roon

I am using the Roon Nucleus appliance

since I am using the Roon Nucleus, the IPAD app wanted me to unauthorize and then it worked. Its odd because I am a lifetime member, and I only had one device connecting to the Roon, with two dacs.

I hope this fix sticks

Hello @Phil_G, I’m glad things are working again! Please let me know if the issue returns.

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