Roon is playing on my internal speakers of my control laptop

Roon Core Machine

I’m using a 10tb G-drive HD connected to my Nucleus+ via USB cable.
I have Roon installed on my Asus Laptop running windows10.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I installed a new tp-link router AX4400 and now roon is playing music out of my internal speaker on my laptop instead of the USB output to my DAC.

Connected Audio Devices

I have connected to the USB port my PS Audio DSD DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Loaded on the HD is 11,600 albums

Description of Issue

Before changing routers when I loaded Roon, selected an album and pressed play my nucleus+ would export the file to my DAC and from there out to the rest of my system. Since changing routers roon now plays music on my controlling laptop’s internal speakers

Can you provide a screenshot of settings:audio.
Previously your dac had to have been selected as the endpoint as Roon does not “export” music as such.
Now the laptop is selected as the endpoint somehow after the router change.

Hi Ace, thanks for answering!
I have included two screen shots; the first is the Settings/Audio and the second is what I see when I click on the settings “gear” in the ‘PS Audio’ window.

So the PS audio zone is enabled but is it selected as your audio endpoint to play from right now?

Thanks again! I got it working :slight_smile: I dont know what its called but in the bottom right is the icon of a speaker, PS Audio was written under the icon so i thought everything was ok. Clicking on the icon i see there is PS Audio usb. Clicking that sent the music from the nucleus to my DAC. All good in Shangri-La now!

Screen shot of bottom right

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