Roon is preventing Windows from sleeping [Ticket In]

Solution on my Windows 11 Roonserver:

  • With ‘powercfg /requests’ check the exe keeping your server awake

  • With ‘powercfg /requestsoverride’ prevent this exe from keeping it awake

  • Install the app ‘Coffee_FF’, and have it start with windows

  • Setup the ‘Download/upload treshhold’, and the ‘Delay to remove sleepblock’ in this app

  • In your networkcard settings check ‘allow this device to wake…’, and uncheck ‘only allow a magic pattern…’

Result: if I start Roon on my tablet, my server wakes and starts Coffee_FF. This app keeps the server awake as long as there is network activity, in other words: as long as I stream music with Roon. If I stop Roon on my tablet, Coffee_FF stops blocking Windows from sleeping and the normal windows powerplan becomes active.
If I start Roon on my tablet again, the server wakes, Coffee_FF starts blocking, ect…

It’s a bit technical maybe, but google is your friend :slight_smile:


Hi @Peter_Brand ,

Thanks for letting us know you’ve been able to find a workaround! We are still looking into this, and in fact, there was progress on this issue recently for the Mac side of things. We are still not done on this ticket yet, but it is still being tracked and actively worked on. In any case, glad to hear that Coffee_FF helped on your end!

This is really disappointing. I had a year of roon that ended in August and I just gave up after 6 months because it was just too much of a hassle to deal with turning on a PC. Great software ruined by a stupid bug. Definitely feel a little cheated out of my money.

Hello All,

We have made some changes with regard to this issue in our last recent Roon releases. For those impacted by this behavior, can you please let us know if there’s been any improvement after the updates? Thanks!

Hi Noris,

I had a big mouth before…I will only test this after a pc-crash. For now I have a working situation and I want to keep it working. But great to see Roon is trying to resolve this issue :+1:
If Roon also implements a WOL solution, I will reinstall my windowspc and test it for you :wink: