Roon is reimporting from scratch, I've lost all my custom edits?!?!?

All of a sudden Roon is re-importing my whole library 7500+ albums and I have completely lost all the custom edits, album artwork, hours and hours of work down the drain…EVERYTHING i’ve spend hours working on and I’m getting very worried if I can trust this program anymore…Again I have done nothing. I have Roon server running on my MacMini and iMac running remote and I added one new ripped CD to my watched folder and now this and now is gonna reanalyze volume again for 100,000+ songs…I’m done.

Ouch. You have my sympathy.

Hey @anon94274355 – really sorry for the trouble here. If your collection is re-importing, Roon probably thinks these are new imports. Your edits are almost certainly still in the database, so lets get some more information about your install and see if we can get this resolved.

I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll gather some logs – stand by.

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@Mike, I quit RoonServer and restarted the Mac. But as you can see I’ve lost ALL my custom edits from #A-C and some D (notice the Black Sabbath, all grouping is gone and this is my most played album and its been deleted from the most played list). And the screen capture overview page “The Bad Plus” is the one new CD i added, so this reimporting was going on before. Could it have to do with the Error message I’ve been getting the past couple days and apparently you fixed about an 1 hour ago.

@mike, I got your PM but its not letting me connect to your servers and now it lost connection and now everything is gone.

Thanks @Ludwig… Yep, it sucks big time!

Mystic, no use for you now but a recommendation on backup strategy would be nice to know.


I have a time machine backup. But can’t figure out how to get the RoonServer folder because it’s a hidden library…any help.


Go to Finder

Choose Go - > Go To Folder

Enter “~/Library/” in the dialog box.

Type Go.

You will see the RoonServer folder listed.


Thanks @bplexico. I figured out how to do this and get an older version (from this morning) of RoonServer database from Time Machine, but what happened when I launched RoonServer on the MacMini was even worse…It didn’t recognize anything and treated like a complete brand new install. I’m lucky I still saved the old Roon database from when I switched over from RoonCore to RoonServer over 2 weeks ago, unfortunately in that time I also spent a fair bit of time customizing edits… Right now I’m very leery of spending any amount of time doing custom edits at all with fear of this very thing happening again.

A Time Machine backup is not considered reliable for Roon, because the library folder can change during the backup.

You have to shut down Roon and back it up manually. I think someone did a script for this?

So I have a similiar issue.
I just authorized a new computer, roon started to import my files but all the edits I made on the first computer are gone.

  1. Where to the edits take place. I would assume my files located on the NAS…
  2. How do I get them onto the new computer’s roon?

Hey G997,

Did you follow these instructions? They will tell you where your edits are stored. They are on your old computer.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks @Greg – edited your post a bit, but you’re correct.

@G997 – Roon doesn’t modify your files, so everything is stored in the Roon database. Greg’s link should help you move it over to your new computer, but let us know if you have any issues.