Roon is resampling files on Hegel H190?

Roon Core Machine

Intel nuci3 gen 8, 8gb ram, Roon ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS ac-rt86u, Asuswrt-merlin, ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H190, Network, Roon ready

Number of Tracks in Library

36000 tracks

Description of Issue


I just updated the Hegel H190 and have used the Roon ready software for about 2 hours now. However, Roon is resampling all tracks with these sampling frequencies: 48/96/192 kHz. The H190 does not do this with UPNP. I have no DSP activated.

Why is not Roon just sending the files unaltered to the H190?


See the information posted by Anders from Hegel in another thread. The H120 and H190 re sample everything in that way. Check out some of the Hegel threads to find out more.


Thanks! This behaviour seems a bit strange though. Why let Roon resample the files just so that the amp can do a second resampling… I will probably stick with my MA Mini -i 3 pro a bit longer.

Yes it does seem strange, though I am guessing from their post, that they have good reason for it.
The H390 and H590 do not suffer this up sampling

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There are a couple of things at play here, and they aren’t necessarily connected.

  1. The re-sampling in Roon:
    The H95/120/190 only accept these formats - 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4. Over UPnP, the resampling is done inside the amp. With Roon it is done in Roon, which is better. You can obviously argue that it would be better if we accepted all files natively, but it is a significant cost issue. Some manufacturers will think that doing all of them natively is the best solution. We think that saving that money and spending it elsewhere in the amp gives a better result. There is no definitive right or wrong here. Just different roads towards a common goal.

  2. The re-sampling in Hegel:
    The re-sampling to 105.47 in these particular amps is “golden”, in terms of sound performance. It is something very, very cool.

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Thanks for the clarification. The amp sounds and works great with the Roon ready software, well done! The auto standby/start function is actually very nice aswell.


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