Roon is showing wrong sample rate for Qobuz albums - until album is played

Hi @support

See attached two screenshots for 2 x Qobuz albums.

Roon displays these as 16/44.1k until I hit play.

Can you reproduce this?

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 5.30.53 pm

I think one or two Pink Floyd ones also have this issue.

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Another one @support

Hey @dabassgoesboomboom and @RBO,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. What you’re seeing is the result of a lagged metadata push from Qobuz to your individual Core.

We’ve made a few changes on the backend to address this but we’ve seen a few cases where some user’s libraries are a bit more delayed in seeing the updated file quality displays (I was one of them for a few days, then my Core received the push)

If you take no action the metadata for the album will eventually update to reflect the actual streaming quality.

If the metadata display/actual streaming quality display mismatch is an annoyance you can

  • Reboot you core and see if that triggers the metadata update

  • If not, you can remove the albums from your library, reboot your core, and then re-add them to your library.

Once they’re removed from your library, then added again the metadata should reflect the updated streaming quality.


Thanks @jamie

My Core is shutdown every day, so it is reboot every day.

Happening for a while with these albums above. Even today.

Thank you for the update on the effectiveness of the reboot @dabassgoesboomboom!

Removing, then re-adding will definitely correct it. One thing to keep in mind is that removing then re-adding the albums will likely effect their play count history in Roon.

Noted but this isn’t the final solution is it?

With my daily reboots, should this issue have disappeared by now? with:

Or there’s still background stuff happening to hopefully rectify this?

I don’t mind a few days of wrong stuff showing, that corrects itself, but multiple weeks is a lot?

Cheers @jamie

Personally, I’m not bothered at all. Just thought you guys should know.

Have a good weekend.

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