Roon is slow at starting playback [and now won’t power up]

The black lead is on the barrel and the red is inserted inside. I was wondering the same since it says 19 on the PSU.

I found another power supply I have and read that one and it seems to be reading accurate to what the PSU says it’s supposed to output.

@danny So it does look like the PSU from the Nucleus is outputting 42V.

if you plug in the other supply, does it turn on?

Is the polarity a concern? I could wire it up and try it.

Yes you need the right polarity. Centre must be positive on the DC connector barrel.

Hey Ryan,

You meter is set to read AC volts, should be DC volts. Try again? Surely the Roon Nucleus is DC input?

The other PSU has an 18volt AC output I fear that could be very bad for the Nucleus.

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So what is it AC or DC? I took a picture of the meter to be sure I had it right. I’m not hooking up that other transformer until I hear back

The Nucleus power supply is DC - but you had your meter set to measure AC voltage. The suggestion is that you repeat the measurement of the Nucleus power supply, but this time with your meter set to measure DC voltage. Under no circumstances try to use the other power supply with your Nucleus…

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It’s 19.6 DC

@support so what is the verdict?

do not plug in AC power supply to Nucleus.

Your PSU is working fine. We probably need to replace your motherboard if no lights are on at all. Please contact and reference this post. They will take care of you.