Roon just halts

On 1.8 I can play albums but the “Focus” feature that worked earlier comes up empty even though there are thousands of albums.

Also, 1.8 frequently just halts.

I hope it will get sorted. These days I losten to ROON sometimes but I mostly revert to TIDAL on my phone, streaming it to Homepods because it’s too tedious to keep guessing what’s wrong with ROON.


ROON looks fantastic but I don’t often feel the fun in figuring out what went wrong and why.

Hey @Cdamo,

Thanks for reporting this. We’re very sorry that instead of using Roon to listen to music, Roon is using your time for troubleshooting… :pensive: . We’d love to help change that.

I was wondering if you could please click once on the heart in the screenshot. Currently, the focus is on favorite albums and tracks. It seems like there aren’t any that Roon can find.

Could you please share a screenshot of the entire Roon window, including the focus criteria?

I sent these in a PM. Thanks.

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