Roon just stops - reboot and then ok for a while

hi, same problem here. need to reboot roon core mac mini (m1) now on a daily basis, cause roon just stops. mac is more than fine. after reboot roon is fine for a couple of hours. then after a while i cannot access roon core from either end point (logitech transporter) or remote (iphone 11/12/13 or ipad).
roon core is completely lan connected in my network.

Hello @ignace_konig ,

Can you please provide more information so that we can better assist you here?

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m1, 16 gb, 1tb, os12.4, completely lan connected, endpoint logitech transporter. 11.000 tracks.

when trying to play music and roon doesnt work, i login with my mac and see that the roon process isnt running anymore.
i simply can restart it. until a few hours/ 1 day later. etc.
other programs on my mac just keep on running flawlessly.

seems to be getting worse. crashes while listening. more than once a day.

Hi @ignace_konig ,

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date + track (if playing) you have the next crash? Or whenever you notice the Roon app has stopped? I can enable diagnostics afterward and see if logs have further clues. Also, do you notice any system-level crash reports?

Hi Noris, on friday (now it is monday) I returned from a short holiday and found the roon core to be off line. Started roon right away and it has been online ever since. 3 days in a row! Fingers crossed.

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Thanks for the update @ignace_konig ! Hopefully, it’s all been holding up since your post, but do let me know if that’s not the case and we can certainly take another look if so.

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