Roon keeps crashing on Innuos Zen Mini

Innuos Zen Mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Mesh on Home hub 2; Wi Fi connect to devices

Naim Muso and Bluesound Pulse Flex Mini2i Temporary set -up pending building works.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Over the last few weeks Roon keeps crashing. Have deleted and reinstalled app on Ipad (used as remote) but problem persists.
When select album to play, Roon may start playing or it may not. If it does start, within short time it will start skipping tracks error message sometimes comes up saying it is “taking a long time to load track, this may indicate a hardware or performance issue”. Sometimes a couple of seconds of a track will play then it jumps to the next, sometimes it just skips through all the tracks and then says “nothing playing”.
For tracks on Tidal often get error message saying “unable to contact Tidal this may be a connection issue” or some such.
Problem occurs even when playing direct from the hard drive on the Zen mini.
Wifi network works fine for all other applications around the house so don’t think it’s a network issue.
set up worked fine until recently, including when had other bits of the system attached. Now regularly “hangs” and have to reboot bits of kit or uninstall and reinstall system.
What is going wrong??

Hi @Peter_Strange

It sounds like you’re mostly suffering from the constraints of using a Zenith as your Roon Core (slowness, dropouts, etc.). We wrote up a summary of why Innuos products are unsupported here:

There’s no doubt you’d have a vastly improved experience if you were using a Roon Core that meets our minimum requirements.

If you’re looking to upgrade and want something turnkey, then Nucleus is your best bet. Or you can go the DIY route with ROCK. Both are excellent options!

Do you have another device that you could temporarily use as your Roon Core as a test?

I have a couple of networked pc’s, but they are used for lots of other stuff.

Alternatively i have a couple of old laptops running Windows8 that aren’t currently used for anything, but they are about 6 or 7 years old, so the spec isn’t that great.