Roon Keeps Crashing On Mac mini 2012 OSX El Capitan

Roon Keep crashing my Mac mini 2012 OSX El Capitan/ 120 SSD/ 16MB memory/ Music in a 2TB Thunderbolt

Please advice if ok continue on this tread or create a separate one…>. after your reply I will explain in detail the issues… this exact issues is happening in my Macbook pro…



Hello @Jorge_Valdes,

I have moved your inquiry to it’s own thread as it is unrelated to the Original Linn Magik thread you posted in. Can you please further explain how Roon is crashing? Does it show the quote page and then exit out? Or are just you unable to play music? Are there any error messages displayed? If Roon is starting up properly but something doesn’t look right, would you be able to provide a screenshot? Please let me know your reply to the above when possible.


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