Roon keeps deleting Leonard Cohen's 'You want it darker' album?

I had Leonard Cohens ‘You want it darker’ album in my Tidal which was then naturally imported to my Roon Library as I started using Roon.

I chose few songs to one of my playlist and everything worked perfectly until lately (I guess after latest update few days ago)

First Roon would just skip song from aforementioned album in my playlist. Just skip them, no explanation offered. Even if I tried to hand pick them and play, Roon would just hop into next song.

Then I checked if the actual album still was in my Library, no it wasn’t. Ok, maybe it had been pulled from Tidal, that would explain it. But no, it was still in Tidal.
So I re-imported the album to my library and now I could play those songs in my playlist.

BUT; the next day the same thing happened. I chose to start listening to the whole album from my library and as soon as I hit play I got error message that it had been deleted. And those songs exist in my playlist but are again just skpped. So I used again Roon’s search and did find it from Tidal and re-imported it, again. No error message shown or anything, but when it ‘is’ again in my library choosing it to play prompts again either ‘album deleted’ or ‘album missing’ notification.

The album is still fully playable through Tidal (not using Roon). I truly hope this same issue is not affecting more of albums in my library but just this one for some reason…
And now as I type this, I could get the album to play via Roon’s search, but only if I play without importing it to my library (just search->find->play) ?

Hey @jan_jernvall – can you tell us where you’re located, and give us a link to the album on the TIDAL website? We’ll take a look and try to reproduce this problem in house.


Located in Finland.
(although I did run Roon for a while having VPN setting left to US, but turning off the VPN did not solve the problem, but it might’ve triggered something irreversible in Roon if that album is not on Tidal in US?)

Link to the album on Tidal:

I did notice I had lost Bonnie Raite Slipstream Album from Tidal. I just re imported and considered I had Miss remembered importing it, but I don’t think so. Hmmmm