Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]

even after the lattest update roon keeps crashng/ it is more then4 monthes issue

I wonder why so many people confuse then and than? Maybe it’s a translation issue?

What makes things worse is that it takes roon 1 minute before I can click play. I want click roon and then click play within one second. 5000 albums, 80000 tracks it looks roon scanned them every start, I think it is terrible.

I haven’t used Roon desktop for a while due to the crashing issue.

Today I updated to the latest version of roon, and it still crashes in full screen mode.

Roon please fix this issue!!!


I thought it works for me too, but today it crashed when it was minimized, not from full screen but from normal window.

This is really bad.

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Never mimimize it.

I have suffered from this same problem for months as well. Roon ‘not responding’ message in Windows 10 when opening Roon from minimized. Problem seems less severe on another Windows 11 machine: Roon freezes for a few seconds when opening from minimized but eventually comes back and does not display ‘not responding’ message. This problem was first reported (in this thread) over six months ago and still seems to lack a fix from Roon. The frustration of people expressed here is therefore understandable.


I tried some setup changes. Didn’t change the freeze.
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