Roon Keeps Losing Control

Roon Core Machine

SGC SonicTransporter i9

Networking Gear & Setup Details

SonicTransporter i9
Sonore Optical Rendu Fibre Optic cable from server. USB to digital Rendu.
Sonore Digital Rendu Using I2S connection to Holo May L2 DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

This today is just using Roon alone as i have been having issue with HQPlayer acting the same.

I was trying to eliminate HQPlayer today so was testing just with Roon. It played for around an hour and finished the selected album and went quiet. When i looked it had started to select Roon radio tracks but as this does it seems to skip through tracks rather quickly without any sound. When i have the issue with HQPlayer i can save the settings in config page in HQPlayer a few times and music will return but after a while i’ll get no music. I go into app switcher in sonicorbiter and switch to Roon Ready and i get the same issue where i can see the track being selected but it is skipping through them till it gets to end of album.

I removed the digital Rendu earlier to see if that was issue but no it still did it. Will normally play for a few hours then problem starts. This is a snip from my log when it did it today. I noticed it was saying The Stranglers album but i had not selected that at all.

–[ SignalPath ]---------------------------------------------
SignalPath Quality = Inactive

08/20 14:04:15 Warn: inactive signal path :frowning:
08/20 14:04:15 Trace: [zone Sonore opticalRendu] Suspend
08/20 14:04:15 Trace: [zone Sonore opticalRendu] Stop
08/20 14:04:15 Info: [zone Sonore opticalRendu] OnPlayFeedback Stopped
08/20 14:04:15 Info: [zone Sonore opticalRendu] Canceling Pending Sleep
08/20 14:04:15 Debug: FTMSI-B closed file for ti/B21666FA; open files:0
08/20 14:04:15 Debug: FTMSI-B ti/B21666FA download status: AllBlocksDownloaded accessTimeout:True openFiles:0 prev:(AllBlocksDownloaded,True,1)
08/20 14:04:15 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer] All streams were disposed
08/20 14:04:16 Trace: [analysis] analysis completed in 22005ms for 214s of FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit audio. loudness=-13.16737131427237LUFS dbTP=0.42446106121782656 noisestartms=650 noiseendms=210418 isdts=False mqa=0 for track 8007986 url=/storage/music/Duplicate Roon Music/Music/Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble/Greatest Hits/01 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Taxman.flac
08/20 14:04:16 Trace: [library] finished with 1 dirty tracks 1 dirty albums 3 dirty performers 1 dirty works 1 dirty performances 0 clumping tracks, 0 clumping auxfiles 0 compute tracks, 0 deleted tracks, 1 tracks to (re)load, 0 tracks to retain, 0 auxfiles to (re)load, 0 auxfiles to retain, and 7 changed objects
08/20 14:04:16 Trace: [dbperf] flush 5289 bytes, 2 ops in 0 ms (cumulative 32054747 bytes, 12397 ops in 23113 ms)
08/20 14:04:16 Trace: [music/searchindex] [search-index] removed: 0 albums, 1 tracks, 0 works, 0 performers, 0 labels, 0 genres
08/20 14:04:16 Trace: [music/searchindex] [search-index] added in 16064ms: 0 albums, 1 tracks, 0 works, 0 performers, 0 labels, 0 genres
08/20 14:04:17 Debug: [easyhttp] [17442] GET to returned after 445 ms, status code: 404
08/20 14:04:17 Trace: [analysis] Track The Stranglers - Peaches: The Very Best of the Stranglers - Strange Little Girl was not found in AudioAnalysis Service, continuing with analysis…
08/20 14:04:17 Trace: [analysis] analyzing trackid=8044850 url=/storage/music/Duplicate Roon Music/Music/Stranglers

Can’t get snip of signal path as it is refusing to play music now.

Is this a new issue or has it been a problem with all the parts from the beginning?

Have you tried simplifying the path to eliminate as many connections as possible? Like USB direct from Roon Server device to DAC.

The log indicates the opticalRendu is going to sleep because the signal is no longer detected.

I would start by removing this device and test again. You’ve got a lot of media conversions going on increasing the chance of something not being happy.

I previously had Roon running on a fanless NUC and it was desktop version including HQPlayer.
I wanted to get a more powerful processor to be able to upscale to DSD so decided on the SGC Sonictransporter i9 with the optical rendu and digital Rendu using the i2S connection on Holo May. The connection from server is optical.

Previous NUC set up had no issues at all, no drop outs nothing, totally flawless.
Only got these problems with this set up.
I’ve been in touch with Andrew Gillis SGC who said it was HQPlayer causing it but today I eliminated this.
He then said no it’s a Roon issue but I have seen numerous discussions of numerous people with same issues and suspecting the Sonore Rendu being the issue when they get hot and they do get hot. Andrew never mentioned this to me as being a possible issue.

I have had this set up for 3 months now and it has been a complete nightmare. It cost me a lot of money and feel it has gone to waste. 2 hours and I get drop outs and then it stops being able to play all together.

Now given up as not much help offered. I have had a i9 NUC built and will use this now but won’t be renewing Roon subscription as very disappointed and similar issues I’m hearing of and lack of support.

I agree with @Larry_Post

Connect the Holo to the SonicTransporter, bypassing the other items. If this works, restore the items one piece at a time. Then finally you’ll know what is wrong.

Yes but it has an optical port and not sure if you can do that. I mentioned this idea to Andrew Gillis amongst other things but he never said you could.

Use a USB cable to connect a USB port of SonicTransporter to the USB input of Holo.

In Roon settings → Audio, find and set up Holo USB DAC.