Roon keeps sputtering until it finally crashes

My Roon keeps sputtering until it finally crashes.
I have to restart Roon and then it resumes to where the song quit. I don’t know how to fix this.


In order for Roon better understand why you are experiencing this behaviour may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  • An expanded description of your current setup using this link as a guide.
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Hi @Andrew_Boettcher ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, as @Carl has asked in his post, having a better understanding of what your setup “looks like” will definitely aide in our evaluation of this behavior you’ve reported.

Secondly, you mention that Roon “keeps sputtering”, can you please provide some further insight into this observation?


I have Roon Core set up on my PC - Windows 7pro 64bit, I have music stored on my Roon ready Antipodes DX server, running via USB into an Exogal Comet DAC.
THE SPUTTERING is basically the song breaking up and cutting out until Roon freezes, the music stops and Roon is forced into a reboot
I have the DsP engine turned off

Does this help ?

Roon 1.3
21,000 songs

What’s the network like between these two devices (meaning the Windows PC and the Antipodes)?

If you copy a file or two the Windows machine, what happens if you play to the Comet DAC? What happens if you play that same file (stored on the Windows machine) out of the Windows machine’s speakers? These tests would help us know where things are breaking down.

Finally, any reason you’re not running the Roon Core on the Antipodes? It might make more sense to run the Core there, and then use the Windows machine as a Remote.

cc @Tony_Devitt

Antipodes was Core when this problem first arose. My Antipodes dealer suggested the switch
PC and Antipodes are networked to WiFi modem via Ethernet cables.
Music files do play through the pc speakers but I don’t listen to music on the PC.
iPhone is used as remote.

95% of the music is stored on the Antipodes. Only iTunes files are stored on an external hard drive connected to the PC

Anybody there??

Hi @Andrew_Boettcher ---- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the delayed response here.

Moving forward, I would like to see if we can get a better sense of why you are experiencing this behavior. With this in mind, may I very kindly ask you to reproduce the reported behavior and note the time when the error occurs. Once I have that information I can enable some diagnostics and take a look at what’s going on here.

Furthermore, my understanding is that the Antipodes DX is designed to host your Roon core, and by the sound of it, you have the unit acting as a networked storage device. I am just curious as to why this configuration was chosen as it seems like most Antipodes users have the core running on the Antipodes device.


If you read my previous replies you’ll see that I answered that question. However, Antipodes was again set up as Core and the problems persist.

Error just occurred around 9:55 am today

Hi @Andrew_Boettcher ---- Thank you for touching base and reiterating that information for me. The clarification is appreciated.

Now that the issue has been reproduced and we have a sense of when the error occurred, I will be enabling diagnostics on your account so we can try to understand what could be causing the issue. Once the mentioned diagnostics report reaches our servers (should arrive when your core machine comes online next) I will be passing it over to our tech team for analysis ASAP.

Your continued patience is very appreciated!

Thanksgiving day was filled with Roon drops also
11:33. 2:15,3:30,4:20,:450,6:30,7:01,8:50, 11:02

Thank you for the additional timestamps, @Andrew_Boettcher. The diligence is appreciated!

Updating my report with your latest to help aide in our tech’s analysis of your logs.