Roon keeps stopping on its own—help!

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5 (running sonicorbiter 2.8), Roon Core version 1.7 (build 710)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

I’m running Roon Core from a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5 (running sonicOrbiter 2.8). From there -> Ethernet cable -> GigaFOIL-INLINE Ethernet Filter -> Ethernet cable -> Sonore ultraRendu (running sonicorbiter 2.8) -> USB cable -> Uptone Audio ISO Regen -> USB cable -> Denafrips Gaia D-to-D -> I2S-A (Ethernet cable) -> Denafrips Terminator DAC.


I’m trying to have Roon play continuously, but it keeps stopping playback by itself every hour on average, sometimes less frequently, sometimes more. Sometimes it stops at the end of a track, sometimes in the middle. Can you please help?

Are you getting an error message?

nope, it just stops.

I have no direct experience with any of the kit you’re using, but have you tried simplifying the signal path between the sonicTransporter and the DAC? If you can get continuous playback with a more direct connection it would help troubleshoot the issue.

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That was my next guess. That’s a ton of interconnects going on there.

I have not. It is a pretty complex path, but all of it is there because it improves the sound. What would you suggest removing?

Everything between the source and the DAC. Then start adding things back in one at a time.

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Agreed. Get everything as simple as possible and go from there. It may well be that you still have an issue with the rest of the gear removed but, if so, we’ll know it’s a problem with the communication between your core and DAC. Assuming the problem goes away, adding things back one at a time should identify the culprit, assuming the problem isn’t down to some complex interaction between the various components.

Could be a good time to check the cables too.

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I have always found the shortest path is the best SQ. That is why I like the Core - Ethernet - DAC setup. Eliminates all the USB stuff from consideration.

I’m not really looking to change my system around. I put it together after much listening and experimentation. In my experience, with digital the shortest path definitely doesn’t generate the best SQ. I would just like for Roon to work as it should.

Well, that’s the thing, Roon may well be working as it should, but you won’t know unless you rule out everything else you’ve added to the signal path.

There is at least one other SonicTransporter user who since last November has reported similar problems. - seemingly random network disconnects.

Have you got this set up (with Roon) working previously?

+1 on simplification for reasons of experimentation. It sounds like it’s time to tinker.

My problems started several months ago when there was a Linux upgrade on the Sonic Transporter. This was related to infinite scanning and random drops on Roon just as you describe. A subsequent update to linux completely repaired the infinite scanning but not the random drops. While it is not clear that the drops were related to that update, I had never experienced what then became a frequent unusable problem. My system was complex in a different way in that I have a very large library and was using multiple NAS to interface with the Sonic Transporter. After trying many things it was either drop Roon or do something different. So I put all my music on a USB SSD drive attached directly to the Sonic Transporter that serves as the Roon core and this helped greatly back to the point of usability. At first, there continued to be drops, but I think there was re-indexing. Also I live in a rural area with poor internet service, and have to rely on LTE towers slow speed and frequent throttling for isp connections. Again, not a major problem for Roon in the past, but can explain suboptimal performance I suspect.

Had a problem with “Roon” recently with a chain that seemed to work fine. Turned out I had a bad LPS 1.2 battery in the chain. Bypassed it and the IsoRegen and was back in business. Alex kindly sent me a new LPS 1.2 and I was able to bring the IsoRegen back into my chain (to a Chord Hugo M-Scaler and Chord Dave). The advice given above is very germane. I was thinking “it’s the most recent Roon upgrade”, but it was much simpler than that. I am a lifetime Roon subscriber and greatly enjoy this amazing software.

Hi @Alex_Halberstadt,

Does this issue only impact one zone or does it impact multiple zones?

If you try to play to the internal speakers (“System Output”) of your Roon Remote, do you see the same behavior occurring there or only when using the chain you mention here?

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Do you use the Terminator’s clock for the Gaia? It is easy.
I use a similar setup from the USB - ISO Regen, > Gaia → T+
My source is a MacMini.

For trouble shooting the shortest path - temporarily remove Regen and Gaia - would be a good idea.
Also turn off DSP on Roon.
I had the stopping occasionally- once a day - with Roon’s DSP in place.