Roon keeps stopping

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Plusnet Hub two, Ethernet cables, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Book Pro 2022 Nucleus + USB to Topping Pre Amp, Dac, Headphone Amp. then interconnect cable to Power Amps.

Number of Tracks in Library

35,510 Tracks

Description of Issue

Just changed audio settings in DSP to use DSD then tried to play radio it started to play then after about 10 seconds stopped message flashed up mentioning address problem or connectivity problem, then tried playing music from Roon Core library it too stopped after about 10 seconds message saying Tidal loading slowly also could be connectivity problem , Last time played was last night it played ok. that was8 hours ago.
Stephen Ollerton.

Fellow user here, but did you check for processing speed >1?
If borderline or below, that’s likely the reason…

See pic from Signal Path (


I see Processing speed: 27x.

What do you consider excessive and or normal?


With a Nucleus, slightly above 1x is still considered ok, like 1.3x or similar. 27x certainly is fine

It reads like a possible network problem. I know it worked 8 hours ago, but hiccups in network devices happen. First I would try turning off the router, any network switches, the Nucleus, and the endpoints. Then turn them on again, one by one, starting with the router, then switch, then Nucleus, then endpoint. After every device, wait until it is fully started and operational before turning on the next one

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Yep, see it the same way.
And sound advice about restarting all…

The speed was a good check as well :slight_smile:

Hi Suedkiez that seems to have sorted it now but now I can not seem to get my headphone amp,Dac,pre amp to show DSD like it was this morning when it was playing up, the audio settings in Roon seem to be the same as when I changed them this morning but then it would not play proper, now ive done what you suggested its plays ok now but don’t know how to get it back to DSD from PCM .Im not sure what settings to use, do you know anything about settings.

Glad that there was an improvement :slight_smile: I never used DSD but this article seems to describe what’s necessary to enable it:

Go to DSP, then sample rate conversion (not at home right now for exact wording) and change settings there.

Hi anybody. Im trying to use DSD on my Pre Amp - Dac - Headphone Amp. Ive had it on once today but cannot seem to get it on now Its on PCM at the moment , cannot get it to change to DSD
What should the sigma delta modulator be set on ? 5th order, 7th order, 5th order [CLANS], 7th order [CLANS].
Should the sample rate conversion be set on DSD or a custom setting if so which.?
What sample rate do I set the DSD on DSD 64 , 128, 256, 512.
What sample rate conversion filter do I set it on?
SDM gain adjustment - how many dB
Do I enable DSD processing
What filter do I use for DSD to PCM
And what gain do I apply for DSD to PCM gain
Who knows this ?

Are you trying to convert PCM to DSD?
If so here are my settings.
Enabling Headroom Management is optional but I find it necessary as converting PCM to DSD can result in clipping. Using Headroom Management avoids this.
I can explain Headroom Management and it’s settings further on request

The sample rate setting is up to you.
Higher rates require (much) more processing power so you might want to start with DSD64 first.
The Sigma Delta modulator and Sample rate converter settings are also up to you.
Different settings have an effect on sound characteristics. In most cases I find the differences to be very subtle.

If you’re trying to play DSD files and that’s not working for you I can try to help with that. Let me know.

I forgot to mention that you’ll want to keep an eye on your processing speed as shown in your signal path.
If the processing speed falls below 1.5X you may experience dropouts.
Processing speed below 1-1.5X indicates your Core computer does not have sufficient processing power to run the settings you’re using.

All good info by @Placebophile and following, there’s my reasoning.

Since there are no hard rules about what must sound best, you’ll likely get different recommendations from other members.

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