Roon kernel panics on MacBook Air M1

Hi, since updating to Big Sur 11.1 and/or the latest Roon software, my MBA kernel panics when I go to quit Roon. Quite upset about this, as I think it was working fine under Big Sur 11.01. Does anybody have any info on the progress of porting Roon to the new Mac ARM?

Right now can’t use Roon on the Air - have to use an iPad. This should work under Rosetta 2 without problems, shouldn’t it? I’ve run all kinds of other Intel apps without issues. Not saying they’re perfect - they just don’t bring the computer down.

Thank you.

Hello @William_Arrowsmith,

Sorry to hear about these difficulties, we’re going to look into this.

Could you tell us if reinstalling the Roon app changes the behavior?


Hi John

I have reinstalled Roon now. Used it a bit last night - didn’t panic on quit, so I’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for looking into this.


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