Roon (latest, trial mode) + Any Bluesound endpoint = crackling noise/glitches!


I’m on my 3rd day of trial. I have a NAD C658 in a separate HIFI room, and a Node N130 in a home theater, connected to Denon X6400H AVR. All devices with latest FW updates.

When, and ONLY I’m streaming from Roon to the C658 or the Node, I get occasional crackling sounds from the speakers. When streaming from Roon to the Denon via airplay, no crackling sound at all. Same when playing music using BluOS directly from any service including local library.

I found an old similar thread here and followed through both full network reset, factory reset the Node, and even factory resetting the router (tp-libk AZ50). Nothing helps!

The crackling noise can be heard 20 sec into the following recording (recorded live from speakers):

You can play it directly off Dropbox/

Overall I’m happy with the Roon UI, but unless this bug can be fixed, it’s virtually useless for me.

I’ve also contacted Blouespund support, but they only told me to do a network reset, which I did…

Please advice.


Welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately this is a pretty common issue now that appears to have only started on one of the latest Bluesound updates.
There are plenty of threads here about it.

Just one example…

Can you try coax, if your issue is whilst using USB that is.


OK. I did a Blueos playlist backup then deleted the local share, and rebooted. So far, no crackling noise. So it’s a BlueOS bug. This means that I must choose between Roon and BlueOS, and can’t use both… Bluesound/NAD tech support is not even aware of this yet. Told me to do a useless network reset instead…

Oh Bluesound are well aware of it, there are other threads where this is acknowledged.
Now as to whether they can fix it in a timely manner?
That’s the rub…

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Hi @Eli_Barbie,

@AceRimmer is correct. This is a known issue. Bluesound has been made aware and while we have no timelines from them, major releases are typically made towards the end of the year.


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