Roon library wishlist

  1. Select songs via Folder.
  2. Rearrange songs order in album.
  3. Editing of songs title in album.

For number 1 (select songs via folder), you can accomplish this by:

  1. When viewing the track browser list, click on the “Focus” button
  2. In the Focus pane, click the “Inspector” button
  3. In the Inspector dialog, click the “Storage Locations” text button
  4. Choose one or more Storage Locations to focus on

Thanks, Akimo. This is new to me. But, my directory may have more than 20000 songs, so scrolling thru this whole drive is not viable for me.

@hk6230 So that leads to the question, why do you want to navigate by folder?

Because sometimes users may have mixed paradigms in their storage folders. For example, most of my folders the group or artists. But, I also have a folder called Christmas, Soundtracks, and Game Soundtracks where I have placed/grouped specific content. It may be that Roon finds and tags all the albums I have placed in the Christmas folder as Christmas but it would be easier just to go to that folder and focus by its location and not have to worry about tagging hundreds of albums individually.

@Rugby I understand the issue about existing structures.

But for the future, I would recommend disconnecting from storage structures and going to logical data management. An example: a number of years ago I started using Adobe Lightroom for my photography. Lightroom supports navigating by folders but with all the limits of folders. But it also supports logical structures, both Collections which are like genres, multi-level groups that support multiple membership. Plus arbitrary metadata searches. By now, I auto-import all photographs into folders based on date and never pay any attention to those. Much better. It takes a bit of effort but is a much better place.

I agree. I was just chiming in on your previous question about “why” and give a personal example of why.

I certainly could move it out of the rest of my music and turn on/off the storage location in Roon depending on the season.

Which makes me wonder is there a limit on storage locations.

I don’t disagree with the best practices being described (using a logical model rather than a physical storage model), the room UI provides access to focus on storage locations, and I think there are probably valid use cases. I’ll admit I occasionally use it to filter out my wife’s albums at times.

Yes, I had wanted to setup a separate location for my spouse as well. But, focus choices aren’t sticky beyond the initial filter selection. So, I can’t Logically partition off a section of my library. I would love to be able to do so as I’m wrestling with getting a second sub just to avoid having our musical collections intertwined.

We are working on a fix for the sticky focus :smile:

@hk6230 – you can do the same storage location stuff on the album or artist browsers.

OK, I tried Focus-ing on album, artist and tracks. It gives me quick access to what I want to search. But this method is still not the same as folder selection where I am familiar of the album I like in a particular storage location.

We may improve storage management stuff, but Roon will never give you directory hierarchy browsing. A core philosophy of Roon is to hide the files away. You should be thinking of tags, genres, playlists, artists/albums/tracks/composers/works/etc… not files and formats and directories.

We give you management tools to deal with files/directories, but it is anti-Roon to make that something core to the experience.

Got it. I will manage. :smile:

What are you trying to accomplish by rearranging the songs in an album? Are the songs in the wrong order? Did the album get extended metadata or not? Were the track number tags in the file wrong?

editing of song titles is coming… along with many more metadata editing features.

Some of the songs downloaded get rearranged alphabetically. I would very much like the songs re-arranged in accordance to its original album.

yikes… who doesnt put track numbers in tags?! ugh.

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