Roon Live Radio error recovery 'fragile'

Roon Core Machine

iMac 5K running macOS Big Sur (11.4) running Roon core (1.8.806).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast internet via DOCSIS 3.1 (Motorola) through Synology router. Roon plays through PS Audio DS Sr wired to router. iMac wired to router. No WiFi used to play music or internet stations.

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio DS Sr wired to router, as stated above.

Library Size

2400+ albums, 33000+ tracks.

Description of Issue

Comcast is having issues for the past week in my area. DL and UL speeds are not consistent; and UL speeds can drop to almost zero before bouncing up again. This means that any station I’m listening to drops. The amount of time between drops varies.

I can go in as soon as the drop occurs and start the station again (on the order of a few seconds for this to take place). It gets so bothersome at times that I build a queue of my local albums (no streaming services) and play that way.

Given the nature of the internet, I would think that error recovery would be more robust. Right now, it seems that Roon assumes an always ‘good’ connection, and the first ‘glitch’, drops the connection with an error. Certainly some sort of retry count with a pause between each retry would be in order (if not already there). It could even mean starting the connection from scratch.

I saw a post in the Features Request category, but I take this as a support issue.

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@Bob_Brinza Thanks for the feedback. I know cable issues are very very frustrating. I’m wondering, if you play internet radio outside of Roon, do you get the same drop outs?

I have a Marantz 8802A, which I used before Roon had Live Radio—just switched to it, so we’ll see.

On-going Comcast problems tested the switch to my Marantz.

The Marantz does drop a connection; but, after a short delay, the connection, usually, returns (seems to depend on just how bad the network problem is).

I have noticed that the drops seem to occur when the upload speed nears 0.

(Just wish Comcast would solve the problem-- down detectors say there’s a problem; Comcast says not, but restart the modem.)