Roon load fails on Sony VAIO (OpenGL error)

Roon Core Machine

Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz 2.94 GHz
Id prod: 00326-10000-00000-AA951
Système d’exploitation 64 bits win 11 21H2, processeur x64
NVIDIA GeForce G210M driver
Open GL 3.0 installed but wglCreateContextAttribsARB returned NULL when trying context 3.0 (Error 0hc007000d)
Can’t initalize OpenGL 3.0: HLGC is NULL

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network router Orange Livebox

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

EmmLabs NS1

Description of Issue

Load roon failed with message: “Could not compile vertexbasic shader:0(10): error C7538: OpenGL does not allox “lowp afterinout” 0(14): error C7538: OpenGL does not allow 'lowp after inout”

Browsing the WIN 11 CPU compatibility list, it seems your CPU isn’t officially supported, which would imply you’ve intentionally circumvented their compatibility mechanism to update anyways.
If that’s the case, don’t expect support to jump in for you.

Your machine doesn’t meet specs for cpu or probably OpenGL for that matter.

Try running on something from the last 7 years, not only will it work but the experience on a more recent cpu will be far more enjoyable.

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You might get away with just updating your NVIDIA GeForce graphics card driver.

You might get away with using roon server and a roon remote on a different platform too…but the fact that you are running such a lowly spec’d system will not give you the best roon experience.

Roon server has no GUI so you must use with another device that supports roon as a remote like an iPhone/iPad/tablet/pc/Mac etc

Hello and thank you overall for your answers.
I wasn’t specific enough…
Roon server is installed on a dedicated NUC I9 3.3 32 g ram t SSD 500Go and works very well. It is perfectly accessible from a phone, a tablet. my problem is that i have a Vaio one touch with 25 inch touch screen which is very nice to use, which works perfectly under Win 11, except Roon as a remote control; that is my concern, and nothing else. Thank you for your future answers.

Graphics drivers probably at the root of the problem here

You did say

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Hi @Michel_Baert,

It’s been several days since you last posted, so we wanted to check in to see if you’re still experiencing this issue. Did you have a chance to look into the graphics drivers for the external display?

The team is standing by to help out if so.

1/ This Vaio is an all in one, and has no external screen, it’s a touch screen, like a big tablet but under windows.
2/ The nvidia driver has been updated, the anomaly persists.
3/ I switched to a generic windows 11 driver, the error message has changed, but still a critical error when launching Roon which prevents me from using it as a command
4/ As a reminder Roon server is on a Nuc and works perfectly, including with a laptop under Win11 to remote control the music tracks.

It’s really a shame, because this Vaio has a 24-inch touch screen and otherwise works very well.
Here is the model:

Thanks for your feedback.

Uh, that Intel Core 2 Duo dates to 2009. Not to mention, the computer has an internal optical drive. Ancient, relatively speaking. May be time to admit that this Roon remote has reached the end of its lifespan.