Roon loads music, then skips through all tracks [Solved, restart DAC]

Roon has started to do something funny. After I updated my ultraRendu, Roon now loads an album from either my library or Tidal and when play is clicked it loads and skips over all tracks. It was working fine up until this. Right now Roon can see everything and play nothing. I have checked my computer and Roon outputs and could find no problems there.

Have I irrevocably damaged Roon or is something else going on.

My system is a Windows 10 computer, PS Audio Perfectwave DAC and the Sonore ultaRendu streamer.

When this has happened to me it’s been because it can’t find my DAC.

Is your DAC on and is it found under uR setup?

It turns out there is a similar solution. After the ultraRendu upgrade, you apparently have to rebbot the DAC so it will continue to see Roon. Why does it seem that whatever goes wrong is usually cured by some kind of reboot. Maybe this is why I always used to hear the “IBM system is rebooting and won’t be available” over the pa system where I used to work.

The technical term is REBT reboot every bloody thing :smile:

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