Roon login problem - after time machine restore

I have just restored my MacBook to a previous backup to remove a beta release of MacOS Catalina. Now have public version of Catalina not beta. But Roon will not login -
No error message but just the Roon logo saying “logging in…”. How can I fix this please

Ah, now here is the issue… this is why roon recommends doing backups … you need to uninstall roon and reinstall again with the restore from backup option…Roon Database doesn’t recover well from Time machine backups.

You might be please to know this too

Ok thanks. Will restore from my most recent Roon backup

Hi, if you are able I’d recommend restore your Mac to a pre-Catalina state until Roon release a Catalina compatible version.

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Carl is quite right and I missed that you went to different version of Catalina and not back to Mojave or earlier.

Yes I went back to the production public release of Catalina 10.15. It is not their Beta. I was subscribed to the Apple Beta program and meant to cancel this after the first official release but didn’t do so so ended up updating the production version with the next Beta. Hence the rollback to the original release

Thanks for responses everyone. I’ve restored a Roon backup and all seems to be working ok even though I’m on Catalina. Hopefully this continues…

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