Roon loses Allo Digione zone [Solved by direct Ethernet Connection to Router]


Also having trouble keeping a keeping a connection to a zone and could use some help.

Just purchased a new (to me) Allo Digione to compare to another endpoint but its constantly losing the connection to the Allo, which has also been set up as a zone.

Whether streaming from Tidal or playing lossless AIFF/ALAC 16/44 and 24/44 from local music library, the zone disappears and music stops. Zone reappears a while later. Restart playback, zone disappears after 20-30 seconds, sometimes it can take a little more time but the zone disappears again. It rarely gets past a full track before the zone is lost.

This behaviour repeats itself regardless of the reboots to computer, Allo, streamer. Have also tried backing up current Roon database and rename existing one to _old - same issue.

If using the Naim app with Tidal or playing music via UPnP, there are no issues with dropouts or loss of audio but of course not using Roon.

I also used the same setup with a Bluesound Node 2 for a few days prior to the Allo and it was solid, no issues at all.

Setup is as follows

  • Roon Version 1.5 running on iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2
  • Roon Core running on MacBook Pro Retina, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB ram, 500GB SSD
  • Music library resided QNAP TS-112 NAS, with single Seagate 2TB WD drive, version 4.3.3, approx. 4000 albums, 60,000 tracks
  • Using ISP supplied router, connected to Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960-8TC-L 8-Port switch
  • Roon Output is an Allo Digione running ropieee version 1.0 (buildc156), connected via coaxial to digital input of Naim 272N network streamer
  • All devices connected to same switch via ethernet cable.

If I should provide more details, logs, etc, please advise.

Took it upon myself to completely remove the existing installation of Roon on my MacBook Pro. Installed a fresh copy of Roon to create a new database using a handful of audio files which are already on my MBP. After launching Roon, setting up the Allo Digione as a zone again, the zone was lost within a minute or so.

Had a look at the most recent log and although I am not versed, I can see that there seems to be an issue with a network connection with ropieee.

Hello @Ants,

Thanks for contacting support with the extensive description of your network and I appreciate that you have started trying to troubleshoot the issue, your feedback is very appreciated. I also believe that this is a networking issue that you are facing. You mentioned that all of the devices are connected to the Cisco Catalyst switch. We have had reports that enabling flow control helped users with similar symptoms that you are describing. More information can be found in this thread here:

I would take a look to see if you have similar options in your switch and try to enable it. As for the Logs, I have enabled diagnostics mode on your account and the next time that your Core is active, our servers will receive said logs and I will submit them to our QA team to see if they can provide an explanation to what exactly the error Ropieee is generating. We will be in touch after we have received those logs on our end.


Hi Noris

Yes, the Naim streamer, NAS and Allo Digione are all connected to the Cisco switch. However now that my MacBook Pro is acting as the Core and Control, the music library is located on the internal drive.

I could be wrong but the switch was reset and as such should act as an unmanaged switch. I also connected a Bluesound Node 2 to the same switch, using the same ethernet cable and did not experience any issues of any kind.

My next troubleshooting step is to run a single ethernet cable from the port of my ISP’s modem/wireless router directly to the Allo Digione. This should help eliminate a few variables.

I’ve just relaunched the Core and the zone was lost within a minute. Since launch this is the fourth time the zone has beeb lost during playback. Hopefully, the logs should provide some insight.

Looking forward to your findings.

UPDATE: Same problem when connected via ethernet cable connected directly from the port of my ISP’s modem/wireless router to the Allo Digione. This eliminates the switch (I think) as a possible offender but I will wait for the QA team to review the logs.

UPDATE: After initial glitch, direct ethernet connection from modem/wireless router to the Allo Digione seems to be working well. A handful of tracks from a few albums played so far with no loss of zone.

Will wait for the QA team to review the logs.

UPDATE: Turned on the wireless function on the Allo Digione, therefore removing the ethernet cable from the equation. So far so good. Been able to play loseless and even 24bit audio (WAV, AIFF, FLAC) without any issues or loss of zone for some time.

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