Roon lost control of audio device (intermittent)

Roon Core Machine

Quiet PC Windows10 pro 64 bit, Intel I5 CPU, 16GB RAM

Main Library Storage area Samsung T5 1TB USB-C SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Smarthub 6 router, wifi via Linksys Velop & Trendnet Eco network switches. Core ethernet to router.

Connected Audio Devices

Core connected, via USB, to Chord Mscaler dual bnc to Hugo tt2

Additional endpoints Muso, MusoQB, iMac.

Controlled via iPad 12.9pro, iPhone XR. iMac 24”

Library Size

26k+ tracks

Description of Issue

Roon has recently started issuing the error message “ Roon lost control of the audio device ” on 24bit flac files (not all) but only with the Chord WASAPI driver, the ASIO driver works normally. Files up to 88.2khz are unpredictable & sometimes fail after around 5 seconds but anything above that rate fails immediately.
This affects streamed files (Qobuz) and locally stored files.
I have removed & reinstalled the Chord drivers & transferred the data files onto an internal hard disc but this hasn’t resolved the problem.
My broadband connection has been tested by the local engineer, sessions proved stable and speeds consistent at 42/15.
Any ideas to resolve this frustration would be welcome.
Thanks in advance.

No idea if this is relevant

Hi Ged, thanks for the response. I have just checked out the thread, I enabled “Use Event Driven Mode” and it’s looking very promising, one troublesome track played for the first time in a week. I’ll run some more intensive checks when SWMBO has “retired” and I have some P&Q.
Thanks for the lead, I’ll report back.


ps. more interestingly, roon is now reporting the correct signal path information as well.

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