Roon Lost Control Of Audio Device on sample rate changes

Windows 10 20H2 64bit / Surface Pro / Roon 1.7 Build 710 stable 64 bit; All music library stored on Synology 1520+ NAS. Roon core and NAS connected via ethernet to each other and the internet.
Roon core is connected via USB to Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amp. Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver on Roon core used

Description Of Issue

When Roon switches from one track to another and there is a sample rate change (either from 44.1 to 88.2/96 or from 88.2/96 to 44.1) Roon will stop playing and flash a message that it lost control of the audio device. I am always able to just press play and everything will resume as normal. If my queue is all one sample rate (either 44.1 or 88.2/96) then the error will not occur. It is only when going from one sample rate to another. When using Roon and outputting to my Pixel 4XL, this error does not occur. I’m guessing because Roon is always messing with the sample rate to match Android.

One work around is to upsample everything to one rate.

If you search for your amp on the forum it’s a common issue

Yup, same issue. That feature is a neat idea. After playing around with it, using the ASIO driver is the only way to use the amp and the file’s native sample rate. All the various WASAPI (sp?) drivers lock the sample rate.

Hi @Paul_Penaloza,

Can you try to upsample in Roon via DSP Engine? Does this help?

This does workaround the issue. I’m able to mix and match (MQA, 24/96, 16/44.1) in my queue and Roon no longer loses control of the device and stops playback. All files are now up-sampled to 32bit 384kHz. Is there a more ideal setting for this? Perhaps force all to 192kHZ?

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Hi @Paul_Penaloza,

Glad to hear that using DSP up-sampling the issue does not occur any longer!

You can use Roon’s DSP Engine to upsample to the rates you want, although I usually leave it on the Max PCM rate of my DAC.

I would also look into the driver/firmware version you are using, perhaps there’s been some updates since the issue was reported to Yamaha.

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