Add Audio Device Option "Continue playback after defined timeout if device online again"

Hi guys

I have a Windows 10 PC and an Yamaha A-S801. The PC is connected to the integrated DAC in the A-S801. The sample rate change between tracks causes the ASIO driver to force the DAC in the Yamaha device to update it’s settings. This behavior causes the device in Roon to disconnect for a short period of time like 1 - 3 seconds and this problem is clearly a Steinberg driver problem. I just opened a case at Yamaha Support for this and I’ll keep you updated with this problem at the root (maybe they will redirect me to steinberg, I’ll stay on it) and hope for a solution.

I haven’t found much Topics facing the same problem/behavior beside this one. This one brought me to identify the problem by myself:

Maybe a small amount of other users does experience the same behavior with their devices? So I’d like to ask for a feature update:

  • Can you add an enable/disable option in the audio device setup, where the playback would be automatically continued after a freely adjustable amount of time IF the device is available again?

This would solve my problem and maybe be usable for other users. I could also imagine that this may expand the range of usable devices with ROON because your software can handle such type of behavior from drivers and hardware.

P.S. I really like the new 1.7 and I absolutely admire the work behind it. Lots of improvement and nice touches. Hats off, I enjoy using your product!

Let me know if you need anything!

Thanks for your help

Have you tried setting Resync Delay in Device Setup? It allows for up to 10secs delay.

Hi @Larry_Post

Thanks for your idea.
Yeah I tried this from 1 - 10 seconds, didn’t help.

Here’s some testing I’ve done:
The DAC can be accessed by two different outputs:

  • Over the Windows System Output WASAPI
  • Over the Yamaha Steinberg USB DAC ASIO driver

The WASAPI works fine all the time but the DAC won’t switch to the right input quality like 44.1kHz / 48kHz / 96 kHz of the integrated DAC (indicated by LEDs on the device front). The ASIO output will forward this information and the DAC lights up the right LED. The device disconnects shortly in ROON (Message: Roon has lost the connection to the audio device) and reappears. It appears as if the Resync Delay doesn’t apply anymore if the device has been disconnected.

I’ve installed the YAMAHA STEINBERG USB DRIVER 1.10.4 like advised by Yamaha. Steinberg seemed to have improved the driver multiple times over the years since i tried version 1.9.8, even if the latest version is from january 2019 according to the release notes ( Didn’t fix it for me.

Let me know if I should try some specific settings or setup a certain configuration.



I have an Steinberg UR22 mkII connected to my Windows 10 PC and I use the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver. And have the same problem in Roon “ROON LOST CONTROL OF THE AUDIO DEVICE”. In all audio applications that I use: Foobar2000, Reason, WaveLab, Dorico, Cubase, Ozone, RX7 there is no problem with this driver. I can play/change all sample-rates from all of these applications and use all these applications “at the same time” going from one to the other without losing the ability to play. Roon is the only application that doesn’t work nicely with this driver. So I don’t think it is the USB driver that causes the problems, but the way Roon works with the driver. After I use Roon with this USB driver, the driver is disappeared from for example WaveLab. Only after quitting Roon and restarting WaveLab, the driver reappears in WaveLab. So now I am forced to use the lower quality System Output from the PC. So I would prefer a real solution.


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Unfortunately, no reply from Yamaha so far.

@Ron_Westdijk1 thanks for sharing! So it may be still a Roon thing, not just the driver…