Roon lost control of playback device errors

I’m frankly losing it. Such a great system so artist oriented and with a music suggestion engine.

However I can’t handle how I get “Roon lost control of playback device” so often.

And just now during a great music session it says it’s playing but no sound.

Other times (just today) the iOS app froze. Or rather I had to close the app and refresh it get any control.

I am going from Roon to KEF LSX. All wired.

The server is a brand new i7 running windows and connected by ethernet. The speaker is connected by Ethernet.

This also happened when I had the server on a laptop earlier.

I can’t figure this out. But if it’s not reliable then it doesn’t matter how good the interface is.

I’m just upset I may have to find an alternative.

Also I have to add that an iOS app that doesn’t implement basic iOS UI features like “touch to top” or “slide from left edge to go back” is unacceptable. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Hi @sr1329,

So we can better assist you, describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Has this behavior started since the 1.6 update or has this happened previously too?

Does this behavior occur when playing to other endpoints or only the KEF device?

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Hi I guess I’ll describe everything as best as possible.

I have a 400mbps connection going into a Netgear R7800 router.

It is connected via a Dlink Go-SW-5G switch to a KEF LSX using ethernet.

A NUC 8 i7 which runs Roon headless is connected to the router via Ethernet running Windows 10 Pro.

Firewall settings are set to “allow in private networks”.

At times the fan will come on and when I check Windows task manager it says Roon using is the CPU at maybe 30%.

The only wireless component is an iPhone XS running the Roon iOS app.

I haven’t used Roon before 1.6 as am still on the trial. I would love to buy at least a one year subscription when the trial ends.

I really haven’t tried any other endpoints. I could try an Apple TV as an endpoint and see if it happens. Buying the KEF LSX was the reason I am trying your software. Your software plays directly to them.

My suspicion based on the loud fan coninciding with loss of control over the KEF is that the software was doing something while I was listening. I have database backups set to 2pm and I was listening around 6pm.

Just now I restarted the machine to get playback to work.

Hi @sr1329,

Definitely give this a try, knowing whether this behavior is specific to the KEF endpoints or just occurs with all will definitely be a great step in pinpointing why this is occurring for you.

Does this behavior always occur during the same content or have you noticed any patterns? Are there specific sample rates or types of content (streaming vs local) that seem to cause this behavior?

All my content is Tidal streaming. I won’t be at the residence until next week so I’ll have to try next week.

This brings up another point. I know I can have only one core. But when I am traveling I’d like to setup my laptop to be the core. Can I safely deauthorize the home machine and then when I get back reauthorize it? All my content is tidal streaming. Alternatively since it is an NUC I guess I could throw it into a bag.

Hi @sr1329,

Yes, you can do this. One Roon license grants you one Core authorization at a time, but you can switch between which Core is authorized whenever you’d like.