Roon lost control of the audio device error message periodically when playing to KEF LXS

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I’m new about 40 days in. I’m ready to give up. So much of what I read in honest and sincere replies I can’t really follow. I’m not a Luddite or an idiot.

I’m getting this “roon as has lost control of the audio device” when I use my KEF LXS. It works fine and suddenly it fails. I reboot the core, which is on my MacPro hooked into a satellite. Now are you going tell me that Roon doesn’t like satellite mesh even when it’s plugged in directly to the satellite? Okay, I need to buy a core machine that goes directly to the main router to prevent this? Not going to do that.

I love Roon but I’m frustrated that it’s just too complex a system for me and this particular problem I find vexing and the sincere efforts to figure it out, well, they have not been helpful in previous threads—largely because of the audio-speak.

Hi @Douglas_Brooks,

Welcome to the Roon Community and to Roon. We’re happy to have you but saddened to hear that you’re having some issues. I’m moving your thread over to the Support area so we can assist.

I’m also updating your post to include a System Set-up template. Please fill out this information with as much detail as possible. That information will help us determine the origin of your problem.

To begin:

Please ensure that you’re running the latest update of Roon (Build 903) on your Core and Remotes. You can check this by going to Settings>About>and looking at the information displayed for Core. To do this on your tablet and mobile Remotes please check your App Store.

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