Roon loudness & Naim Uniti Nova

Hi all,

I’m a roon-newbie but getting more and more familiar with all the settings. But I have a little problem. When I switch off the loudness function in roon to get a better sound quality my Uniti Nova starts the loudness scale with 100 without any advanced warning. This is not really funny and my neighbours are not amused as you can imagine! When I play via network zone (W-Lan) this issue seems to be fixed because Naim and also roon provided updates which I have installed yesterday and the phenomenon disappeared. I will try again today evening and will see what happens.

But if I’m using AirPlay it is still the same! The Nova jumps to 100!

When I’m not turning off the loudness in roon everything works fine.

Has anybody an idea what to do?


Can you be more specific about exactly what you’re changing here?

Hi Mike,

Sure, once again (sorry but I’m not native). My system looks like this:

Roon core is running on my PC with Windows 7 - my music archive is on a Synology NAS - the roon app runs on an Ipad Pro and the endpoint is a Naim Uniti Nova. I’m using normally the default settings in roon.

Now my problem: When I turn off the volume control in roon - means that only the Nova is responsible to control the volume - the loudness of the Nova jumps immediately to the max of 100 by itself. That has always happened for the last three month. Yesterday I have installed two updates (roon & Naim) and the problem has been solved partially. When I’m playing via the network zone (W-Lan) everything worked fine yesterday but if I’m playing via AirPlay the problem remains the same. The Nova starts with the max of 100. Even though I’ve set the volume to zero before. If the volume control is turned “on” in roon everything is ok. 'Hope you’ll understand now. I’ve seen that someone else here in the forum had the same problem with his Harman amp.


My apologies. The problem I had not for the last three month but since I have installed roon a few weeks ago.


Thank you for the clarification here @Frank_Mueller, very appreciated!

I don’t have a Nova on hand at this current time but I do have access to another Airplay based device that I can test with to see if I make the same observations in your report. I will be sure to touch base with you again to let you know what my findings are.


Hi @Frank_Mueller ---- Touching base with you to confirm that when using an AirPlay based device I am seeing the same behavior with the volume being maxed out when “hide volume control in Roon” is enabled. Before I go sounding any alarms I want to have our tech team conduct some further testing to see if they make the same observations.


Hello @Frank_Mueller,

Here’s some information that I hope is helpful in getting your setup working as you’d like!

Because the NAIM Uniti Nova is a Roon Ready device, when streaming using the Roon input on the Uniti Nova, Roon is actually changing the volume on the device itself! What this means is that controlling the volume using Roon will have the exact same quality as controlling the volume with the device.

With AirPlay, I unfortunately do not think we have a solution for this at the moment. However, may I ask why you would choose to stream with AirPlay when the Roon Ready protocol has better quality and integration?

If you’re interested in what’s happening behind the scenes with the AirPlay volume, here’s an overview. Because AirPlay devices do not all have the ability to control volume, and the AirPlay protocol does not have a way of reporting back to the server what it’s volume control abilities are, we cannot make assumptions like we can with Roon Ready devices. Since many AirPlay devices are line level devices going into PreAmps, the default volume is 100 so that these devices are not doing software or digital volume control before getting to the PreAmp.

I hope this information is helpful, please let me know if you have further questions!


I have an Atom and use it’s Roon Ready and itjust follows the device volume, so I change using remote, Roon App or Naims app the volume controls are the same.its never louder than what’s set on the device before hand even if using a different source before.

Same question why are you using airplay to your Nova when it’s Roon Ready ?

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Just a thought, install roon onto your Synology NAS and loose the computer. ??
I have my Devialet Expert 220 pro and QNAP TS-251+ (with 8GB RAM and 2x 1TB SSDs) setup this way.
All hard wired via a switch and CAT 7 cables.

@ John, Eric and the other guys:

Thanks for clarifying! Now I understand a lot more about the way how it all works together.

Just to reply to your question regarding airply - I don’t want to use it as my favourite device but maybe later it could be helpful for a multi-room system I think. At the moment I’m already using Roon Ready and I’m really satisfied with the sound but I just wanted to find out what are the reasons for this strange behaviour of the Nova. Now I know that I don’t have to give it back to my Hifi-dealer for a check and repair. I’m a newbie in digital music so I’m learning every day and try to find out how to get the max out of my components.

The next step I guess will be to install roon core ona laptop connected via network cable directly to the Nova. This I think will be the right way to get the best sound quality out of roon. What do you think?

Happy Easter!
Thanks and regards

I would not see this giving any advantage over your current setup, which is close to ideal, core on PC, music on NAS, played to Roon endpoint Naim Nova all on the one network.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your setup?


Guys, get a decent NAS from QNAP or Synology and loose the computer. You can install Roon server on either of these and use an iPad etc as a Roon remote

A NAS is a computer, some users like them. Others prefer appliance like devices running ROCK, others prefer powerful dedicated servers with a conventional OS. There are many ways to skin a cat.

Yes exactly so why have two! :wink:

Because one is a jack of all trades and a master of none, running a dubious hodge-podge Linux adaptation – and the other is a smoothly fine-tuned machine highly optimised for running Roon Server?


You understood everything right. It’s just an idea with the network cable because roon is recommending this on their website:


Sorry i disagree, it’s a box of electronics. Just the same as any computer. It’s down to the user to define its use. There is no ‘master’ other than mr Bates. when it comes to computers sounding different! :wink:

I think you may be mistaking what is in the KB. The Nova is a Roon Ready endpoint connected by a network cable to the Roon core. You already have the recommended setup. (Unless I’m horribly mistaken!).