Roon Mastery Series: Dynamic range

With the latest Roon Mastery Series featuring Dynamic range now seems like a good time to bring up the fact that Roon does not calculate and indicate the dynamic range for albums in one’s library that are from either Qobuz or Tidal. So if dynamic range is so important why isn’t important enough for album from Qobuz or Tidal?

It’s long pass time for Team Roon to address and fix this shortcoming. Thanks!


Yeah, or fix the documentation :slight_smile:

The files do not exist locally for any great time to be analysed so not the easiest thing to achieve. Even if they can manage it, I could see it breaking often with the way Qobuz swap out versions as it would loose links to the files it had analysed. I think Plex does manage to get waveforms from Tidal if enough people play it a few times. So I guess this method maybe usable in Roon if they wanted to? Not sure how reliable it is as I no longer have Tidal to see but it never showed range just a waveform.

How about fix the problem with streaming content and then they won’t have to fix the documentation!

All I can say for sure is that the documentation and the actual product are contradictory. I don’t know if the documentation is correct and the product has a bug or the product behaves as designed (e.g., it might not be possible to detect the range for streaming content) and the documentation has a bug. One of them needs fixing but I don’t know which one

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It was my understanding Qobuz had promised to provide DR info for their files. None of the Qobuz files I have display DR info so I don’t know how Roon can even do volume levelling. I’m pretty sure that’s been complained about in the past too.

It’s because dynamic range and volume leveling values are not the same.


I understand that, but the file still needs to be scanned to determine the peak values for both functions. Qobuz was supposed to accomplish that scanning. It does not appear they have.

Care to kindly share, where from you’ve got this information? -

Wow, have to do a search of the forum. That was probably two years ago. If I find it I’ll post it.

Well I stand corrected. I had forgotten the gist of this discussion as follows.

joelRoon Labs: Senior Developer

Apr '21

Hi David, the project to back-process tracks for volume levelling data was completed by Qobuz quite some time ago and they provide it for all new content as well. If you turn on volume levelling, you can see what offsets are being applied by Roon. However, at present, we don’t display dynamic range info in the same way that we do for local content.

As of two years ago the scanning project was up to date. Unless Qobuz has fallen behind again, it seems everythings as it should be on their part.