Roon + MBPro + optical to amplifier (with DAC) - lossless?


I have Roon set up on MacBook Pro 2015 connected to my amplifier (with DAC built-in) using optical cable.
Is there a way to achieve lossless playback (purple icon on Roon) with such setup?
If so, how?

Thanks for help!

Yes, depending on the type of music file and/or your DAC.

Roon, via your your Macbook optical optical, will pass along any number of music files, including full resolution WAV, AIFF or lossless FLAC in bit-perfect fashion (purple icon). If you are playing lower quality lossy formats, AAC or MP3 (yellow icon).

In any case, your Mac optical output will accommodate all of these files.

Depending on your DAC, Roon may perform a sample rate conversion to adjust the file down to whatever bit rate your DAC is able to process via the optical input if need be (green icon).

Assuming your DAC can handle files up to 96/24 at least via the optical input and you are playing full resolution or lossless formats, you should always see purple icon next to your music selection.

In any case, you can select the icon to bring up a map of the signal path, which will tell what’s happening.

Well, first, make sure you are using CoreAudio. Then set it to Fixed Volume. Don’t apply any DSP including upsampling or volume leveling. That should get you to lossless.

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Hi @Albert_Einstein,

The advice from Fred and Daniel above is great! If you have any questions about setting this up, please share a screenshot of your current signal path as well as device setup and we’ll be happy to help!

OK, got it!
I had to enable second device that was described as CoreAudio.

Thanks all for help!

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