Roon metadata appends additional zero to some composition opus numbers [resolved]

It’s fixed in the metadata service, but it looks like we have an update problem…

@joel any progress on the metadata updating problem related to this issue? Does this update problem affect only this opus number “trailing zero upgrade” issue, or does it prevent other metadata updates propagating out as well?

Any word on this @support?

Hi @JWC. No progress to report on this yet, but we are tracking it.

Hi @joel,

I just checked on these Sibelius albums with the intention of using the new Work/Part features of Build 234, and the Roon-identified work metadata is now correct. Thanks for tracking down this issue.

@antonio_angel_perdom, @Ludwig, @JOHN_COULSON: Are your opus numbers with appended zeros now resolved as well?

@JWC Hi Jim,

Glad it’s resolved for you and thanks for getting back to us. After some internal discussions, we had a theory about this – that one of the re-computations in your Roon Core wasn’t being triggered properly – and we suspected that, after you took the latest update, it would fix itself.

I had a reminder in my calendar to check in with you in a couple of days, but you beat me to it. :slight_smile:



@JWC I checked the problematic works my end and they are now OK! Thanks @joel!

It seems it’s ok here too. Thanks.