Roon metadata for tracks in wrong order; how to change metadata preference to file for everything, not just titles?

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The track order in Roon’s metadata for several tracks of a ripped jazz CD is incorrect (apparently from another release of the same material). In Roon’s Metadata Preferences for the album, I can select “Prefer file” for the track title and several other tags, but not composer. So although the track titles now show correctly, they aren’t associated with the right composers. How can I tell Roon to rely solely on the file metadata (including composer) for these tracks?

Roon metadata (wrong order):

File metadata (right order, but composers are incorrect, still following Roon’s track order):

I fear what you did won’t work out. No matter what is displayed, Roon will always use the “wrong” track titles internally. I expect the non-matching composers to be just the tip of the iceberg of potential problems relating from lying to Roon about the tracks (title). I would try to re-identify the album, find a matching entry in the list, eventually rearrange tracks if needed or otherwise keep telling Roon the truth, something along the lines of “None of this looks right”), which in the end will lead to an unidentified album. Roon uses only the file metadata for unidentified albums. Related information:

Hi, BlackJack. I’m not sure what you mean when you say “lying” and “truth.” The truth is that the match in Roon’s database was incorrect. These are excellent FAQ links, however, and your directions for “None of this looks right” did the trick. Roon then resorted to the metadata associated with the files themselves (composers included), which is exactly what I was looking for from the start. There was no “truthful” match to choose from in this case. Problem solved. Many thanks.

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