Roon Migration Issue

I have read the Roon Migration messages and believe I have something different.

I recently changed computers. All data including music was on the D drive and I cloned it to the new D drive during installation. I did not clone the C drive electing to reinstall all programs.

I didn’t think about Roon at the time. So now I don’t have the Roon app on my computer. This is, of course, where i do all additions, subtractions, playlists, etc.

The Roon app on 2 iPhones and a lap top work perfectly.

I want to reinstall the Roon app on the computer wjthout messing anything up on the Nucleus or the iPhones/Laptop.

I no longer use the previous computer. How do I do this?

Roon server is on the Nucleus.
Old computer A had the music on it and you set the nucleus to point to it.
You’ve created new computer B and this now has the music on it.

Is this right?
If so then.

Install roon client on B and then use it or the laptop to go to settings, storage.
Remove the references to A and replace them with B.

Next time read the manual before starting.


I don’t think this will be necessary. As this is a new install, surely all the OP needs to do is install Roon and point it at the core? Am I missing something?

The core is on the nucleus but the music is in the replaced computer. Perhaps a different name? Dunno.

Hey @Jerry_Tate,

Thanks for getting in touch, we’re sorry that you had some trouble with your migration.

In checking your system diagnostics it appears that you were able to get your local library restored. Can you please update us on your current status?

You can reinstall the Roon app on your laptop without affecting your Nucleus in any way. The remote app merely interacts with your Core machine. You can find the download here choose the Windows Roon install and then select use as Remote

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Thanks for the help. It was a tempest in a teapot. Reinstalled Roon from your post and all is well and Roon is up and running.


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