Roon misnaming albums imported from iTunes

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
have 10 tb of music stored as wav files on Drobo connected to iMac .

Itunes works fine. Roon finds and imports most of the music but there are many drop outs - some albums missed entirely. some partially. Especially frustrating is misnaming albums - ie let’s say I have Infidels by Dylan . Roon will name the album Bob Dylan Infidels and under artist will list - various artists. so when I look for all Dylan albums Infidels doesn’t show. This happens a lot. I can fix it manually but will take forever. Have tried rescanning repeatedly , even reloading into iTunes but no change. Any fixes? Thanks


Hi @Martin_Lipnowski and welcome to the Roon forum. The issue’s caused by the WAV formats lack of tag support. You can’t find out more on this thread:

Good luck.

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