Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [On Roadmap - Scheduled]

It is also officially ‘On The Roadmap’, but no timeframes given.

@everyone I see someone combined my/our thread with some other thread to produce this thread which has completely messed everything up. The title has changed to a title with a completely different meaning that is not relevant and those that were contributing on here have now lost the context of their comment because of this. In addition, anyone reading through he forums are not likely to contibute, because let’s face it same reason, the thread does not flow well and has lost it’s meaning and it’s proper opening paragraph.

@roon whomever did this should learn not to do this again. It’s one thing when the topics are actually the same about an actual bug or something, but these topics are not the same. The opening topic that I wrote makes more sense than the quite different opening topic that was written by @evanglist (no offence) and the dates don’t even go in order any more. Roon this is a balls up on your part. Can you please disconnect these two topics? They should never have been combined.



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Hi @marshalleq,

I’ve done some digging, this topic was originally called

… Remote playback over internet …

and later expanded to

Roon mobile: remote playback outside of the home [On Roadmap - Scheduled]

I believe this was done as Roon’s vision is wider that just play back over the internet.

Using this broader description, you opening post / topic was consider to fail under this definition and hence the merge.

I believe this is the start of your “opening topic” (that is now in this topic) …

Careful reading of it, I see your focus is on syncing music files to portable devices rather than streaming to them via a data connection, which is the main thrust of discussion in this topic.

I see what you mean about the dates :frowning: Discourse is not our friend here.

Let me see what I can do, to separate the two requirements … it will be a challenge and take a while but I will try.

Note I may have to “stage” posts to do this so don’t be alarmed if they are not visible for while.

Update …

Link to the reconstituted topic, I’ve adjusted the title to make it clear the request is for Syncing not Streaming.

Hey Carl, thanks so much for coming back to me and helping with this! I think (remember this is going back many years now) that those original titles are actually not my titles but the other threads not sure maybe I edited it myself in the beginning. Anyway as you can see in the first line you posted of my original post, it actually says via sync OR streaming, and I don’t recall the conversation particularly centring on one more than the other, but you could be right.

The two are different use cases really, in a car we wouldn’t want nor need high quality music in many cases and internet is not cheap on mobile devices in many countries. Where you have Wifi, obviously streaming would be preferable and there will be exceptions to both.

I think my focus was not really meant to be on one or the other but on that outcome of playing on mobile and remote devices. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I’m very grateful for this as I think it’s an extremely important topic for Roon and it’s customers that I’d hate to lose momentum on. I do notice there aren’t many comments on it now like there were - possibly due to the topic being worn out, but more likely the thread merging.

A real nice touch would be to get an update on the topic when you’re done if there’s any way you can do that - it has been 6 years since this thread was opened I think and is still my number 1 wanted feature.

Thanks for anything you can do anyway!


I’m a volunteer community moderator on here, I don’t work for Roon and have little influence on their Roadmap. That said, when Roon do deliver new functionality, any #roon:feature-suggestions are normal updated to reflect. Finger’s crossed now that Roon have confirm they are working on it this will be sooner rather than later.

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People have been heavily requesting this since 2016… Crazy. Just get it done already!

Plex does it, it’s not that hard. Just allow users to map/NAT ports outside their house and connect to their roon server remotely like plex does. Then just have a small conversion agent on the server that allows you to pick the quality you want streamed and it real time converts the stream to MP3 AAC whatever is needed for cellular play.

Also, being able to sync music for offline is a no brainer. I don’t get why Roon is taking so long to do this. Integration with streaming providers is good, but OH MY that amount of friends I have told to try roon that simply ditch it straight after the trial due to not having remote playability is astounding.

I guarantee you lose out on 10+ customers for every 1 customer you get because of this feature not existing, If I personally had designed ROON this feature would have been at the top of the development list to allow a 1 stop shop for everything music locally and remotely. Its a bit dumbfounding.


I agree with everything you said. If not for WFH situation earlier, I don’t think I would ever considered Roon, I am at work most of the time, and there is not “Roon” available…

I think the problem is that Roon uses more than one or two or three ports, it uses a port range.
Meaning instead of just a simple solution NATing say that one port for access outside your LAN, you need to have a routing solution that can handle something more complex.
Whether its IPFire, or pFsense, or Untangle or a HW-based firewall solution doesn’t matter; so long as you can tunnel your entire network, via one of various VPN protocols, and your remote session is then in your local LAN, then yep, it’ll work fine with Roon’s many dynamic ports.
WHY Roon needs an entire port range is another question…

It’s 6 years later; is remote access possible?


Hi @Joshua_Nelson,
Not yet but Roon have recently confirmed they are now working on it.


Thanks @Carl! Ok, just uber confirming:

  1. I can’t install a core on my iPad or IOS device?
  2. There is no way to access my core, on a laptop at my home in San Diego, while traveling to Tuscon, AZ via car?
  3. Is there any way I can port playlists, Roon Radio lists or any of the other program groupings I’ve built out in Roon for mobile use, while the core sits in San Diego?
  4. If I brought my laptop (the core) and used a mobile hotspot from my cell phone as the “network”, would Roon make the core/remote connection with my iPhone and allow me the use my Roon programs (playlists, favorites et al.)?


Not easily/officially, but if you have the requisite networking skills (or are good at following instructions) you can setup a VPN at home to allow you to connect remotely. But there are a huge number of variables at play here as to whether that will be simple, hard or impossible.

If you subscribe to a streaming service like Tidal or Qobuz you can export your playlist back to those platforms using a service like Soundiz and then use the native Tidal or Qobuz app to play them.


You could probably do something similar if you used a mobile router to create a local private network/subnet, that both your phone and core (laptop) were connected to. In that sense it would be no different from running Roon on your home network.

But I wouldn’t recommend using your phone as a mobile hotspot as it won’t create a local network in quite the same way as a dedicated mobile router would. Although easy enough to try this yourself at home (create a mobile WiFi hotspot on your phone and connect your Core to it) and report back if it works. My suspicion is it won’t work, but it would be interesting to see your findings.

The other issue you might face (with a mobile router device) is that the Core will likely have to be connected to it via WiFi which isn’t recommended. Although if you have your Core connected via WiFi at home and are happy with it then it may not be an issue for you.

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I have taken a Windows based Roon NUC and my cellphone as a hotspot to audio stores to evaluate hardware.

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Ah, now the Tidal, “export back…” is within my skill set. Excellent, @j_a_m_i_e

Thanks for your input on the other questions, too. Really appreciate the time and expertise being brand new to Roon.

:+1: @Rugby I’ll have to research what a NUC is; thinking it’s the $2500 gizmo Roons sells; if so it’s way beyond my set up.

Thanks, @j_a_m_i_e ; way over my skill/set head. :smiley:

That’s a Nucleus. A NUC is a small computer made by Intel. We use these to install ROCK on. Basically, it’s a very inexpensive Nucleus :slight_smile:

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A laptop would work better.