To all that want access Roon remotely: Try using iPfire. It’s working!

To all that want access Roon remotely: Try using iPFire

It’s a free firewall, and you may need some extra HW. But an old PC ought to the job as well.
You can access your home network as you are on the same subnet as at home when using iPfire.

Ipfire has built in support for OpenVPN and IPSec.
I have successfully used IPSec on my iOS device and connected to Roon remotely.
This is what’s called RoadWarrior.

There is two possible ways to create a connection:

A Net-toNet will require iPfire installation in both locations. It’s a very nice option and you will sit on the second location and everything on your network will be as is you where home.
Of cause using a laptop as RoadWarrior will be equal.

Roon is working on both my iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max with IOS 14.7.1 (latest update as of writing) using IPSec VPN with iPfire.

So accessing Roon remotely using my iOS devices is a great option that to may knowledge didn’t work well before. The latest version of iPfire made this possible.


Tutorial please?

Will do. But have you already installed iPfire?

I have not. I need that as part of the tutorial. There’s ISO image and flash image and another flash image under ‘arm’ on the downloads page at IPFire’s website. Which one am I downloading? Where am I downloading to? I use an Mac Mini M1 as my Roon core. I also have an iPhone 12 and iPad. Sorry. Not super computer savvy…

Hi Michael

You need a separate computer for iPfire, although possible to do as VM.
If you have a old 386 somewhere, it’s a good start for testing. You need minimum 2 RJ45 interfaces (or SFP).

The iPfire will sit after your ISP modem, that ought to be bridged, and iPfire will become your new DHCP server, so it will replace most functions of your present router.

I’m using this one:

You can find many similar items around.

Please also read the iPfire HW requirements.

If you have a 1 GB connection and you like to use Intrusion Prevention System, (Snort), that HW isn’t powerful enough.
I think I was able to get 4 to 500 mbs with that function enabled.

The setup guide at iPfire should be quite good.

I think no need to go trough setup here. However I can do the VPN part when you have a working installation. That isn’t covered well at this time in iPfire documentation.

Also you need a DNS service. I’m using, but many other options are available.

When your ready to download a profile to your iOS device, you have to use Safari.
I will cover this more in detail later, if someone is willing to implement/test iPfire.

Here is two apps you probably will need on your iPad:

It would be interesting to know if someone could test Roon using apple CarPlay.