Roon module for Home Assistant

(Wouter du Toit) #123


Yes I am on 0.88.1, and I’ve just updated to your latest version. Unfortunately no changes I can see.


(Marcel van der Veldt) #124

do you mind updating again?

(Wouter du Toit) #125

Don’t mind updating at all…no visual changes after the last update. Also no errors in the log that I can spot…just the warning about using a custom component:
2019-02-24 22:27:44 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] Loaded roon from custom_components.roon
2019-02-24 22:27:44 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] You are using a custom component for roon which has not been tested by Home Assistant. This component might cause stability problems, be sure to disable it if you do experience issues with Home Assistant.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #126

strange! working perfectly fine here on 2 setups.
maybe you did not copy the hidden .translations folder ?
make sure that you copy the entire roon folder, because it contains a folder named .translations which contains the strings to display in the UI. MacOS will threat those as hidden.

(Wouter du Toit) #127

haha you’re 100% correct Marcel, my .gitignore ignored .translations , sorry about the hassle…

everything is working now…

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(Shivrang Setlur) #128

Hi Marcel,

Just updated to the new module, and almost everything works perfectly well for me. Only issue I’ve noticed so far is that when I used HASS’s entity registry to update the player entity id’s, the module lost connection to the Roon Server, and could not re-establish a connection when trying to reconnect. A restart of HASS allowed the module to create a stable connection once again, and so far everything is running smoothly.

Thanks for the quick update!

(Marcel van der Veldt) #129

That last issue should be resolved now too.

(Shivrang Setlur) #130

HI Marcel,

I’ve updated to the latest version, and all seems to be working well for me. I can confirm that when I deleted a player through the entity registry, the component maintained its connection to Roon.

(robert Peczkowski) #132

Thanks, working very well.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #133

Did you also notice that you can give a custom play script to the Roon component ? In that case any play media actions (including tts) are redirected to that script so you do whatever you want.

(Sjee) #134

I didn’t, do you mean something like this should work?

(Kian) #135

i have exactly this same issue. and I even transferred the .translations folder including the file.

i tried using this component with hassio 0.91.2

(Kian) #136

Nevermind, fixed it. Instead of manually uploading the files via the config GUI, I just transferred the whole folder via SMB. That did the trick.

Follow-Up Question:
mediaplayer.turn_off command only puts Roon to Pause/Stop but I was hoping that this command would actually turn off my device that I am currently playing via Roon. Is this possible with the API?

(Marcel van der Veldt) #137

If you device has a source control that supports on/off it would exactly do that.

(Kian) #138

well, when I click on the Power Off Symbol for my audio device from within Roon it shuts the device down correctly. But using the mediaplayer.turn_off command within home assistant just stops the music but does not shut down the device, same behaviour when I click the power off symbol on the mediaplayer card within the hassio dashboard.

(Kian) #139

one more feature request:
any chance you could integrate the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Feature for the newly revamped Roon Radio, so that we can also control likes and dislikes from within hassio?


Marcel, thank you again for developing this. I am using Home Assistant 0.91.4. After installing and following directions on the Integrations window, I repeatedly get the message, “Failed to register, please try again.” Any advice? Thank you.

(Bastian Beggel) #141

I have been using the roon module for home assistant for quite a while now.
I have been very happy with it. It works really well. Thanks to Marcel van der Veldt.
I highly appreciate your work.

Lately I purchased a OSMC remote (e.g. and integrated it into
HA using the keyboard_remote component. Basically the remote is seen as a USB Keyboard.
The nice thing is that the remote works via radio frequencies, thus I can use it anywhre
in the house.

Why am I tellig this here? Well, because I use the remote to controll my stereo setup via the
roon module for HA. I can skip track, pause, next track, seek forward, seek backward, turn it on and off. I can also
change the volume with this remote using a harmony hub. It is a complete setup. It would not be possible without the
roon module for HA by Marcel.


folks, do you know if it is safe to upgrade to HAAS 0.92 ? I am running 0.91 as was not sure if upgrade would not break the Roon integration…

(Michael) #143

I am on 0.92.2. The Roon integration works perfectly.

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